The God Journey
The God Journey
Jul 7, 2023
Religious Bullies (#901)
Play • 46 min

Just because you're convinced you hold the Truth, does that give you the right to bully others into believing it too? In this episode, Kyle and Wayne look at two types of bullying that religious leaders over history have resorted to, even if they didn't start out with those ambitions. First, they bully the world into living to a faith they haven't yet embraced, which alienates people from Jesus rather than endears them to him. Second, they bully people inside the faith to do what they think is best for their empire under the guise of building Jesus's kingdom. This often results in exploiting people at the most vulnerable time in their lives and often resulting them rejecting their faith when their leaders are exposed as having feet of clay. (Above illustration taken from A Man Like No Other, with art by Murry Whiteman.)

Podcast Notes:
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