Ep 20 Talking About Glaucoma - 3Jan2013: Excimer Laser Trabeculostomy (mp3 version)

In this episode, Dr Berlin and I discuss the elusive quest to have the Excimer Laser Trabeculostomy (ELT) that he pioneered gain traction after 30 years of development. (See the enhanced AAC version of this same episode for a version with chapter markers and images; not compatible on all devices but ideal version for iOS or computers.)

Dr Berlin's contact information:
Glaucoma Institute of Beverly Hills
8733 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

This episode was recorded live in March 2011 during the American Glaucoma Society annual meeting using a Shure SM58 microphone with a Marantz PMD661 digital recorder.  It is finally seeing the light of day after I've been side-tracked with too many other projects. Mixing and sound levelling were completed in June 2012 on a MacPro, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air using Levelator, Fission, and Garage Band. Narration was overdubbed using a Heil PR40 Microphone. Final editing was completed December 2012.

Opinions expressed in this podcast  are those of the speakers and are not intended to be taken as the standard of care for glaucoma treatment. Please always weigh the complete clinical picture and involve patients with any decisions in their care.
Selected references:

Eyetube.net video

Youtube video

Dr Berlin's original patent for laser delivery system
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