The Race to Value Podcast
Accountable Care Learning Collaborative
We are in a race to make health value work in the country. The imperative to drive health value is no longer an optional transition. The unsustainable upward cost trajectory of U.S. healthcare spending, coupled with declining outcomes and disparity gaps, are leaving vulnerable populations woefully underserved. To win the “race to value” we me must have disruptive innovation, spirited collaboration, democratized knowledge, realignment of the healthcare workforce towards value-based care competencies, and a collective moral purpose to reform our industry. In this podcast, leaders from the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative (ACLC) interview the top healthcare executives and entrepreneurs to discuss healthcare’s value economy. Race to Value is the show to connect you with other healthcare leaders working to create better value in health, including provider organizations —hospitals and health systems, physician practices, and post-acute providers — health plans, pharmaceutical and life-science firms, health information technology firms, medical device manufacturers, and a multitude of other stakeholders. We are the ideal resource for leaders of healthcare organizations looking to transition to and thrive in the new reality of value-based care. The race to value is not unlike any other social movement. As a nonprofit organization focused on industry transformation, the ACLC is here to catalyze a movement to value-based care. Patients are being harmed by the current healthcare system which is fraught with perverse financial incentives and structural distortions. Additionally, physicians are experiencing moral injury because they cannot care for patients in the way in which they intended when they began medical training. With its Accountable Care Atlas, a development guide for competency implementation, the ACLC is working with healthcare organizations all over the country to create the workforce of tomorrow. There is a better way. The Race to Value podcast is here to bring to you the brightest minds making waves in the industry with their leadership and innovation. Our mission is to harness their brainpower to facilitate transformation in our country’s healthcare system. Come join us to listen to these disrupters as they share their vision to reorder the healthcare universe. Now is the time to get inspired -- we can win this race to value.
The Race to Value Podcast
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