RNZ: Mediawatch
RNZ: Mediawatch
Feb 6, 2021
Climate blueprint release annoys reporters, confounds broadcasters
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A blueprint to bring down our carbon emissions by 2050  - and change the way we all live - came out this week. There was excellent media coverage of the detail but some journalists complained they were denied the time to report it properly. Meanwhile, some broadcasters leading debate in the media didn’t seem to have read much of it.
The Mike Hosking Breakfast
The Mike Hosking Breakfast
Newstalk ZB
Judith Collins accuses Government of being apathetic towards Covid-19
National's Judith Collins believes public support for the Government's Covid-19 response is shifting. The Opposition leader told Mike Hosking people want to make sure that if they're following the rules - other people are too. Collins says Jacinda Ardern's constantly telling people to be kind - but sometimes you can be so kind to a few people, that everyone else ends up paying the price. "Being kind to someone who has a test, is told to stay home, has the symptoms and goes to the gym, I'm sorry but how is that being kind to everyone else?"  She says the Government's apathetic about the pandemic. They started off with a hiss and a roar, but a year later, Collins says if people don't self isolate or do what they're supposed to, they basically just get told they're a naughty boy or girl. "Just listen to it. It's all about 'only if people do the right thing' - yeah, that's why we have laws." National's Covid-19 response spokesperson Chris Bishop said that was a good move, but the Government needed to go further. He told RNZ that New Zealand's "high-trust model" was starting to break down and a new approach was called for. "It is time to start knocking on people's doors and making sure that when people are meant to be isolating for two weeks, they actually are doing so," Bishop said. "And if they're not, let's appropriately punish them and make sure people know about that so other people don't do it as well." Offenders should be fined, Bishop said. "People haven't felt the pressure to follow the rules because there are no sanctions." "Other countries have faced similar problems," he said. "Taiwan does have strict requirements around self-isolation and the key point there is they actually go and check and that's not really what's happening at the moment ... "We should be going to check up on those people, we should be calling them, we should be knocking on their door, and potentially looking at video-conferencing them." - with text from RNZ
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NZ Everyday Investor
NZ Everyday Investor
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Sam Stubbs / Challenging the Status Quo/ Ep 139
The first question - _why are floating rate mortgages so expensive in NZ??_ Currently with the main banks, you can get fixed rate loan in the low 2% area, but floating rates with these same banks are between 3-4%. In a world now where it seems that interest rates are at no risk of increasing, and in fact, may still decrease further, a floating rate loan gives borrowers a tremendous amount of flexibility over fixed rates. Unfortunately to get this benefit though, you have to pay a hefty premium for it. Through Simplicity you may also qualify with them for a mortgage rate which is pretty much the same as the other banks in the low 2’s currently – but the interesting part is that it’s a floating mortgage. How is this possible is one question, then the next question becomes, why aren’t mainstream banks doing this already? Now on to the second question - we’re talking about the NZX -_ is the new Zealand stock exchange functioning in a way that is beneficial for stakeholders, not just shareholders?_ In recent years, we’ve witnessed more than one high profile company opt to list on the Australian stock exchange over the NZX – Why is this? The NZX is evolving, but is it moving in a direction that will help investors, other fund managers, and the bright spark business in NZ that ultimately want to stay here? Well Sam has an opinion on this also - enjoy! Check out the previous episode with Sam here: https://nzeverydayinvestor.simplecast.com/episodes/7bf5bbaa __________________________________________________________________ Like what you’ve heard? You can really help with the success of the NZ Everyday Investor by doing the following: 1- Tell your friends! 2- Write a review on Facebook, or your favourite podcast player 3- Help support the mission of our show on Patreon by contributing here 4- To catch the live episodes, please ensure you have subscribed to us on Youtube: 5- Sign up to our newsletter here NZ Everyday Investor is on a mission to increase financial literacy and make investing more accessible for the everyday person! Please ensure that you act independently from any of the content provided in these episodes - it should not be considered personalised financial advice for you. This means, you should either do your own research taking on board a broad range of opinions, or ideally, consult and engage an authorised financial adviser to provide guidance around your specific goals and objectives. If you would like to enquire around working with Darcy (an authorised financial adviser), you can schedule in a free 15 min conversation just click on this link _____________________________________________________________________________
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