Quilt & Tell
Quilt & Tell
Dec 4, 2019
Quilting Inspiration
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Victoria Findlay Wolfe joins the ladies for a conversation about being one of the quilters featured on the special quilting episode of Craft in America on PBS, her new book, and her online classes. Tracy, Lori, and Ginger talk about Quilting Inspiration. They start the conversation discussing their favorite quilting TV shows of all time. In the Fine Finishes segment, they read a letter from Melanie Patterson, a listener who was inspired by two podcast episodes and shares her story.


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Knitmoregirls's Podcast
Knitmoregirls's Podcast
The Knitmore Girls- Jasmin and Gigi
Dinosaurs on Treadmills - Episode 599 - The Knitmore Girls
This week's episode is sponsored by: Carry your creativity with Erin Lane Bags! Whether you show your fiber fandom with the woolly wonder Sheepleverse, or dive into history with the Curiosities collection, our project bags, totes, and hook and needle organizers are at the ready to keep your hobby happy. When was the last time your knitting yarn was a work of art? Infinite Twist produces one-of-a-kind semi-solid gradients featuring speckles, high-lights, low-lights, and gorgeous color transitions. From 700 y Giant Gradients to 200 y matching sock sets, Infinite Twist Gradients will hold your interest from cast on to bind off. See the currently available gradients at infinitetwist.com, or be the first to know when new colors are posted by signing up for our newsletter at infinitetwist.com/newsletter-signup Have you ever had to frog because you forgot a step several rows back? Or lost your spot because you dropped your magnet board or lost track with your highlighter tape? Instead of wrestling with paper, use the knitCompanion app. It keeps you on track so you can knit more and frog less. knitCompanion works with ALL your patterns and is available for apple, android and kindle fire devices. Do you know what October is a great time for? Making the switch to an all-natural deodorant. Our long-time sponsors LoLo Body Care have the best product for when you’re ready to swap out your conventional deodorant for an aluminum-free, probiotic deodorant. LoLo’s Pitty Perfect glides on smoothly, doesn't cake or crumble, or leave white streaks. Their effective recipe contains natural ingredients that work together to kill odor-causing bacteria and keep you smelling fresh. Choose from Bergamot, Cucumber Melon, or Lavendar Rose Geranium scents. If you prefer no scent at all, LoLo even has a version called Plain Jane. Check them all out at LoLoBody.com. To get 20% off your purchase of $75 or more INCLUDING sale items, go to modcloth.com and enter code knitmore at checkout. Promo code can not be combined with other offers. On the Needles:(0:42) Gigi's new arbitrary knitting rule: finish something out of the UFO bin before casting on something new. She excavated the (ravelry link) Rocky Coast cardigan. It needs sleeves and a neckband. Jasmin is making slow progress, 2rd to last stripe on her Match and Move shawl. (by Martina Behm #behmalong); knitting it in Black Cat Fibers Nomad Sock. Gigi finished knitting a pink (RAVELRY LINK) Garter Stitch Baby Kimono by Joji Locatelli, and one in cherry red. Both need seaming, neckband and buttons. Jasmin finished with the sleeves and is partway down the body of her adult Bandit cardigan by Jacqueline Cieslak in Little Skein Harvest Sport in “Sugar Maple.” #MatchyMatchyKAL Jasmin mentions Culturally Responsive Teaching. Jasmin is working on the tail (and possibly flippers?) of the Dragonfish sweater for Rex #ProjectSweaterChest Gigi worked on Baby bear hats. She finished a ball of white for polar bears. 7 hats, all have ears. She found more white yarn. Jasmin worked on her her Jurek pullover in Lisa Souza Polwarth/Silk in “Styx” #KALLoween Gigi started the Excavation, a diagonal fringed scrap blanket out of leftover sock yarn Gigi dug out the Polygon blanket from the UFO bin. One ball of coral is left. Opus the Octopus had a bath, and got blocked Gigi mentioned her (RAVELRY LINK) Where's the Opaque? In Stitches:(26:00) Jasmin wore the (RAVELRY LINK) constellate hat And the Payne pullover Events:(29:39) The Operation Sock Drawer book will be published in October. Call Hicklebees for a PERSONALIZED, SIGNED copy. Jasmin enjoyed the Bay Area Fiber Fair. We participated in a Live zoomcast thingie with Little Skein Anne on Saturday XRX Stitches at Home November classes are up. Halloween craft all the things hosted by the Knitgirllls 9/15/2020 to 10/31/2020 #KALloween/ #CALloween! Mother Knows Best:(36:17) Find something to look forward to. Check your voter registration here. Here's the Vote Tracker When Knitting Attacks: (46:59) Gigi cast on a hexagon. One stitch marker fell out, and she had a lopsided pentagon instead of a hexagon. Review:(50:11) Operation Sock Drawer Recommend our podcast to your friends! Knits in Space:(1:00:42) Find somewhere interesting to hide and knit Tumblemat Show us your knitting hidey holes And Sew On:(1:05:37) Gigi is taking a virtual tailoring class at Cañada college. she learned how to attach photos for assignments. Caught up on everything. Stress levels went down Muslin of coat: sleeves are too tight, she followed the directions in the Palmer Pletsch, Complete Guide to Fitting book, added room in the biceps.
1 hr 14 min
The Brain Architects
The Brain Architects
Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University
COVID-19 Special Edition: Mental Health in a Locked-Down World
While some countries and U.S. states are beginning to reopen businesses and other gathering places, the pandemic is still very much with us. Physical distancing will likely be a way of life until a vaccine for COVID-19 is widely available. So much change, including the threat of illness, and grief of those who have lost loved ones, means that mental health is a great concern. Fortunately, there are things we can do to support our mental health at this time, especially when caring for young children or other family members. In this episode of The Brain Architects, host Sally Pfitzer speaks with Dr. Karestan Koenen, Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Dr. Archana Basu, Research Associate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and a clinical psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. They discuss what supporting your own mental health can look like, as well as ways to support children you care for at this time. They also talk about what mental health professionals all over the world are doing to help take care of our societies in the midst of the pandemic, and how they're preparing for the challenges that come next. Speakers Sally Pfitzer, Podcast Host Dr. Archana Basu, Research Associate, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and clinical psychologist, Massachusetts General Hospital Dr. Karestan Koenen, Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Additional Resources International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies: Self-Care for Providers International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies: Vicarious Trauma Toolkit Massachusetts General Hospital: How to Talk to Your Children About the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Massachusetts General Hospital: Parenting At a Challenging Time: Supporting children facing the illness/ loss of a loved one Massachusetts General Hospital: Psychiatry guide to Mental Health Resources for COVID-19 National Child Traumatic Stress Network pandemic resources SAMHSA Disaster Distress 24/7 Helpline: 1-800-985-5990 or text 'TalkWithUs' to 66746 Transcript Sally: Welcome to The Brain Architects, a podcast from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. I’m your host, Sally Pfitzer. Since our last podcast series was released, things have changed drastically as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. During this unprecedented time, we’d like to share resources and provide guidance that you may find helpful. So, we are creating a series of podcast episodes that address COVID-19 and child development. This episode is the fifth in our series, and todays guests are Dr. Karestan Koenen, Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Dr. Archana Basu, Research Associate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Clinical Psychologist and Massachusetts General Hospital. Thank you both for being here I’m really looking forward to the conversation. Karestan: Thank you Sally. It's great to be here. Archana: Thank you so much. Sally: So Karestan, what makes this pandemic different from other traumatic events that many people have experienced in terms of mental health? Karestan: There are a number of characteristics that make the COVID-19 pandemic different than other traumatic events, even than other disasters. I actually lived in New York City during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and I’ve seen some similarities in terms of this in that things were shut down, there was a pervasive feeling of threat, there was loss of life, and it was very disruptive and it was something that people really – in New York, anyway – talked about for a long time. It persisted and affected everyone in the city. What’s different about this is the length of time people are being affected, how pervasive it is in terms of our community but the state, nationally,
23 min
Knit Picks' Podcast
Knit Picks' Podcast
Knit Picks
Episode 330: The Quest For Color
As the weather gets cozier our stashes seem to get more colorful. This week we're dipping into the wide world of multi colored knitting. From epic Fair Isle to simply soothing marled effects, we're sharing all our knitting know-how in this episode! First up, Stacey and Lee discuss some popular techniques for getting maximum color in every square inch. Stay tuned to learn the similarities and differences between techniques like Fair Isle, Mosaic, Intarsia, and marls. Next, Sara joins Hannah from our sister company WeCrochet to tackle some common considerations when choosing colors. They cover some color theory basics that work for every project and also share our favorite ways of choosing specific Knit Picks and WeCrochet brand colors from our websites when you can't just order them ALL to see in person!  Also, we wanted to let everyone know that our Twelve Weeks of Gifting series of free patterns is happening right now on both KnitPicks.com and Crochet.com! Each week we're releasing a free pattern to get you excited about holiday knitting. The closer to the end of the year we get, the easier the patterns get, perfect for last minute gifting for anyone left on your list. Or! Simply treat yourself. Check out the Twelve weeks of gifting or sign up for our emails to be the first to know when there's a new release. Mentioned in This Episode: Mosaic Medley book  Spectrum book  Lee's sweater with stripes + short rows  A sweater Lee knit will all different colors of Muse yarn  Lee's patterns (many of which are multi-colored)  Designer MK Nance  Mosaic & Lace book by Barbara Benson  Collection by Lee with stranded mitts/cowl/legwarmers  KP Learning Center colorwork guides  Spilly Jane's patterns Nonna's Gardens Color Theory Basics Palette color card Color Grid Tool Color Booklet and Wheel Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction with Hannah 1:26 Stacey and Lee talk about colorwork 22:20 Want to Learn to Knit A Blanket? 23:02 Hannah and Sara talk about choosing colors 37:06 The Credits
39 min
The Shinybees Knitting and Yarn Podcast
The Shinybees Knitting and Yarn Podcast
Jo Milmine
Ep 160 - Dorset Buttons with Tania Ashton Jones of TJ Frog
I'm joined in this episode by Tania Ashton Jones of TJ Frog to talk all about Dorset Buttons. Tania and I met a few years ago now when she was at the start of her business journey in the yarn world, having previously been in the Royal Navy for 22 years. She came back to knitting via a retreat in France and was hooked. After a happy coincidence where she was introduced to Dorset Buttons via a workshop with her friend, Tania became obsessed with making them, and set about learning about the history of the button. Tania described some of that history, from the original tiny sheep horn buttons, through metal and linen buttons and into the more common types found today. They come in a variety of designs and can be made from any sort of yarn. Originally from Dorset herself, Tania never learned about the button making as a child at school, although happily she reports that some schools do now teach this. Tania currently lives in a small community on the Isle of Skye, and uses her surroundings there, as well as her heritage in Dorset to inform and inspire the products she makes. Knitting still features alongside the Dorset Buttons, and Tania has a very special range of yarns that she created with some very high provenance wools from Dorset and Skye. Indeed her latest Cheviot yarn is grown at the end of her driveway! Along with the yarn, Tania also has project bags and needle holders, which are made of linen and are a nod to the linen fabric originally used to make the Dorset Buttons. These are sewn by a company in Edinburgh, and again reflect Tania's commitment to products with a story and collaborating with other businesses. If you've ever been curious about the Isle of Skye, you should give Tania's podcast a try. Along with the weather (a constant and ever changing source of conversation for us Brits, but particularly so on the West Coast of Scotland!) she talks about what she is making, creativity as well as interviewing textile related businesses on Skye. It's the perfect way to armchair travel to Scotland, so give it a listen! Tania has very kindly offered 10% off all items in her shop until 10th November 2020 with the discount SHINYBEES10. You can find Tania at http://tjfrog.co.uk Full show notes and links at www.shinybees.com/160
41 min
The Dog's Way Podcast: Dog Training for Real Life
The Dog's Way Podcast: Dog Training for Real Life
Sean McDaniel
Session 99: Interview with Brooke Mihajlovich
On this episode I talk to Brooke Mihajlovich, a dog trainer who has recently started her practice to Washington state from Indiana. Brooke focuses on remote training collars to help with training without a leash. She and her husband both shared a love of Doberman's, and part of their passion to make sure that their new dogs were well trained. Her participation in training her dog sparked her love and talent for training dogs herself. Brooke's philosophy focuses on changing the relationships with their owners at a fundamental level. It's important to create a relationship that focuses on their "humans" as leaders more than just owners. Her primary focus is to give them tools to create a relationship bond that creates very positive results for both the pet and the owner. We get into some of the other areas of training including * Spatial awareness * Loose leash training * movement on leash (rather than simply pulling) * "auto sits" when stopping * Shoulder movement and eye contact * Controlling and managing the environment * Off leash training Electric Collar Training This is a particularly controversial training with some, but Brooke and I talk about how to do it the right way. It's important to understand that once humans understand that it's not what some might conjure up in their mind about a typical shock they understand that it is subtle, and is designed for a minimum threshold for creating a behavior pattern. Her website is K9CommunityMovement.com, and you can find her on social media at the following destinations; * Facebook * Instagram I hope that you enjoy this episode, and if you have more questions for Brooke, I hope you'll reach out!
36 min
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