Tits Up with Pinky McKay
Pinky McKay
When things go Tits Up, they're broken. When things are broken, we pull up our 'big girl pants' and we wade through the muck. I've seen more tits than the late Hugh Hefner, but the Tits Up podcast isn't all about boobs and babies. We all have our Tits Up times and we need to laugh, cry rage and be real about these - so we can bust the 'BS' superficial images of perfection that cause so much stress and anxiety to us all. We need positive models to inspire, encourage and lead the way through the hard times, proving the matra: 'This too shall pass'. Please be brave and join me in unfiltered discussions about our own personal Tits Up experiences. Nothing is taboo: the hard stuff, the funny stuff and especially the stuff that mothers feel, but also feel we shouldn't say out loud - lest we be judged. My message is: 'Tits Up ladies, pull up your big girl pants, we can do this, we are mothers'.
Tits Up with Pinky McKay
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