Taking The B.S. Out Of Health and Weight Loss, What Is A Fit Bottomed Girl And Power Alchemy For The Spiritual Business Lifestyle With Kristen Seymour | VRR E07
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Kristen Seymour is editor-in-cheif of FitBottomedEats.com and is one of the trio partners at Fit Bottomed Girls. She is an athlete competing in sprints and half-ironman triathlons, she seeks to gain through simplicity and serves others with passion. Her profession preaches balance her life demands it. As part of the team bringing to the world the fast selling book, The Anti-Diet, and as editor for an online publication and as a business partner in a globally dynamic women’s movement, her professional life makes heavy demands of her; it requires laser focus and an hour-less clock. Yet she has honed her routine to a pace which gives space to the things she values in her personal and spiritual life. Kristen uses her business as a mirror for her own growth and in doing so helps her business grow. Embracing her own power was an early struggle she came to terms with by her twenties. Since then she has dedicated much of her life energy to supporting women overcome negative self images. Getting over self-induced guilt and enjoying your choices is her mantra. She teaches women to bring into play their true self with a focus on total wellness and life enjoyment. Her business practices have helped build a thriving online community which literally fuels the company’s growth. By using body wisdom, intuition and team collaboration Fit Bottomed Girls is changing how women live, eat and do business. They are emerging with a new paradigm for success in and out of the office. Fit Bottomed Girls new book, The Anti-Diet,  is about the idea you can enjoy food, be full and get healthy while eating real food and plenty of it. The way you eat fuels you and you should do so in a way which makes you happy and fulfilled is the underlying message in their book. Because being a woman can also mean being a mom, Fit Bottomed Girls has opened a door for new mothers via Fit Bottomed Mamas. Looking to help maximize the beauty in all women and explore how wonderful being a woman is are two of the driving goals behind Kristen Seymour and her partners vision. Every year they launch the New Year New Rear give-away campaign and women’s health support campaign. Fit Bottomed Girls is a business built on the same principles they share with their clients and subscribers. They listen to feedback, their motivation is more than profit, they stay in touch with their clients and they create products to fill a need not just settle a fear. Going way outside the box Fit Bottomed Girls is living creativity and a pioneering conscious business success. Join Kristen Seymour on Vibration Rising Radio to hear the inside story on how three women are changing views on feminine beauty, creating new empowering life habits, publishing books, supporting each other, reaching out to new mamas and blending entrepreneurial tenacity with practical spiritual principles to live a dream and at the same time help other women do the same.

Here’s What Else You Will Get from Kristen’s Interview:

  • What is a Fit Bottomed Girl
  • How to gain your health without losing your mind
  • How 3 business partners make it work and
  • Getting your customers to engage your product, brand and website
  • Practical ideas which make success happen and most entrepreneurs are overlooking right now
  • Goal setting for breakthrough success where passion and profits mix
  • The power of treating every prospect like a fortune 500 customer
  • The dangers of working in a committee and how to avoid them
  • Inside stories on the pre-launch for The Anti-Diet
  • What really works when it comes to creating joint venture marketing deals
  • Offering value in your content and your sales message
  • Regaining your center with an emergency yoga break
  • How to use the simple question of why to go deep within yourself to release and relief old patterns
  • How to really take advantage of your passion
  • Advice every entrepreneur doesn’t want to hear but needs to
  • Why taking time to rest helps you make major gains when you work
  • And much more…

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The Seat of The Soul

What Alice Forgot

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