Prostitutes, Dark Nights, Mega Money and The Return To Light: From The Criminal High-Life To The Simple Path Of A Spiritual Warrior With Carlos Duran I VRR E04
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Carlos Duran is a natural force of nature, a freakishly loveable mess and a raw storm of unbarred truth. He holds no Ph.D.’s but has a master’s in life. He is a father of 3, ex-husband to five wives or live-in companions (depending on your views) and a renounced corporate raider.  He left the U.S. for parts unknown over a decade ago and currently resides in the jungles of Central America. He is seen by some as a spiritual gangster and is a self-proclaimed sinning-saint. Carlos uses energy work, healing plants, life studies, prayer and an extreme certainty in the Most High to help others heal. He challenges people to stick their hands in the ground and talk to the soil, to grow food in it and to love it. Carlos’ works revolve mostly around forgiveness and gratitude. Helping others use their own spiritual path to heal internal wounds and traumas is his main area of focus. He has lived 5 life-times in 37 years and pours each ounce of experience out for others to benefit from. There are few men like him in the World today; he is working to change this through community based projects and youth mentorship. Explore the mind of Carlos Duran and see what happens when you go from the worst of what you are to the absolute best of who you are.

Here’s What Else You Will Get from Carlos’ Interview

  • What happens when you win the paper chase game and it’s not enough?
  • How to discover the beautiful child you were and begin living again.
  • How to come back from extreme weight gain, suicidal depression and near dead health.
  • Four corporate names every Earth citizen must know.
  • The real difference between owning your house and owning your mortgage.
  • Four types of farming every parent and conscious eater must be aware of.
  • How to come back to your true self after your mind completely snaps.
  • We all have a secret agent working for our success, find out who it is.
  • How to use your creative passions to achieve fulfillment.
  • What is a soul warrior and why it’s still possible to make it.
  • The game of life, the opponent and how we win.  
  • What happened to the Sons of G-d who took pleasure with the Daughter’s of Man?
  • What is the organized agenda of full control on Earth.
  • How to bring your shadow side onto your own spiritual path.
  • Why you want to have direct contact with your food.
  • How to overcome abuse, rape and violence in your home or past.
  • The massive conflict of interest existing in multinational corporations today.
  • What to do when you are going through your darkest and most trying moments.
  • And much more…

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At The Eleventh Hour – The biography of Swami Rama

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