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Visit talkingenergyshow.com and this is Episode 7 of Talking Energy Show at Tres Management with Guest Jason Spiess of The Crude Life - thecrudelife.com

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Hosts today Matt Hill, Ken Lavin, and Jeremiah Smith

The Crude Life produces original content that focuses on industry, the people, energy innovations, community building and it's proactive culture. Our custom content is non-polarizing, trusted and often news making.

The Crude Life promotes a culture of inclusion and respect through interviews, content creation, live events and partnerships that educate, enrich, and empower people to create a positive social environment for all, regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or physical or intellectual ability.

Part of our mission is to enable people, companies and communities to affect change, demonstrate their transformative actions and drive energy awareness through storytelling and access to resources.

In addition, The Crude Life has focused on the role of oil and gas in our global and local economies, the evolution of social development and energy's environment impact since day one.

Industrial image, environmental action, energy ethics and community empowerment are now part of the New Normal in oil and gas.

Are you ready for the next chapter in oil and gas?

Over the past decade The Crude Life's evolution and achievements have enabled and supported a long-term vision for energy and the environment. Digitization continues to change with how we connect with our audience across the United States and world. Our business model of sharing original content with other media outlets has allowed The Crude Life to better engage with energy users around the planet, particularly through the localization and non-polarization of energy related content.

Toward this objective, The Crude Life became an “early adopter,” in many areas of youth engagement, environmental action and community communications.

The Crude Life Content is distributed through an ecosystem of activity that includes radio programs that carry a network of over 20 radio stations, and those interviews/stories are picked up by magazines, newspapers, podcasts and GoogleNews. Plus our social media network exceeds 300K.

About MultiMedia Journalist Jason Spiess
Jason Spiess is an multi-award-winning journalist, entrepreneur and content consultant. Spiess has over 30 years of media experience in broadcasting, journalism, reporting and principal ownership in media companies.

Spiess is currently the host of several newsmagazine programs and podcasts that carry a radio network that spans five states and two countries, as well as worldwide through iTunes and other podcast platforms, as well as a social media audience of over 300K followers.

In addition to his popular radio programs and podcasts, Spiess is a regular contributor to many industry publications, newspapers and news websites.

Spiess has also worked as a guest correspondent for a number of local and global news organizations from 660 KEYZ-AM Williston to CNBC to the BBC World.

Spiess engages in one-on-one, in-depth conversations and round-table discussions that center around topics that impact communities and culture. His non-political approach to subjects and non-polarizing discourse, provide the venue for an intelligent conversation. He has interviewed hundreds of extraordinary men and women of science, politics, art, business, sports, technology, literature and entertainment. These conversations are truly one-of-a-kind, often infused with humor, emotion, intelligence, and passion.

Spiess is a full-time father, cancer survivor, environmentalist, author, North Dakota native and graduate of North Dakota State University.

Big Data, Big Changes – Technology and innovation have created a paradigm shift in the oil and gas industry. As the industry evolves, we are driving the conversation. Constantly searching for the industry's smart, clever capitalists.

Industry's Retirement Shift – Many of the industry's veterans and leaders are retiring after decades of building an industry. There is a conversation happening about ensuring tomorrow's leaders understand the history with communities and the respect with the earth. This is also called “The Big Crew Shift” and “The Industry's Retirement”.

The Rise of Environmentalism – Over the past decade there has been an increase in the herd mentality towards climate change and against fossil fuels. The Crude Life has been tracking the rise in the activism and extreme behavior behind the environmental push.

Natural Gas – Should natural gas be considered free energy? Should subsidies shift from solar and wind to natural gas? There is an abundance of natural gas right now and there are many entrepreneurs working on solving this issue. Shifting the conversation to natural gas could solve this issue in less than a decade.

Essence of Capitalism – The oil and gas industry is one industry that allows capitalism to work. Generally speaking, the industry prefers low taxes and allowing the market to work itself out.

Innovation and Infrastructure – Pipelines have proven to be safe and effective for getting energy resources to the market. The more pipelines that are built, the faster our flaring issue will be solved. Innovation is here and is aiding infrastructure in new ways, everyday.

Community Building – In addition to paying an abundance of taxes and regulatory fees, oil and gas companies continue to donate money to local charities, social services, schools, parks and rec and many other areas of a community's development. Those are important stories to The Crude because they tell the story of yet another way the oil and gas industry builds communities and creates culture.

Trade Skills, STEM, Training & Traditional College – Continuing the conversation that impacts the future of tomorrow's leaders and today's decision makers.

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