Success: Working From the Inside Out
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In this episode of the Demystifying Diversity Podcast, host Daralyse Lyons examines the ways in which society not only serves to shape individuals' perception and understanding of success, but also the far-reaching impacts that “success” and “being successful” has on people's conceptions of their own identities. Experts from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds share their beliefs about what success is, the value of pursuing it, and how to find personal fulfillment within their professional lives. Whatever your relationship with your own success metrics, this episode offers invaluable insights that will support you in your personal and professional goals.

In this episode, you will learn about:

* Different perspectives about what success means, and how conceptions of it have been shaped by society.

* How success and fulfillment are not the same thing, and how assessing one's professional fulfillment is a personal journey.

* How interpretations of success and professionalism are often tied to privilege.

* How essential it is to make space for an intersectional understanding of success and “achievement.” .

* The importance of and impacts of inward-focused and outward-focused metrics when assessing workplace satisfaction and professional goals.

Our guests experts this episode include:

Charlotte Alexander - Charlotte holds the Connie Dee and Ken McDaniel women Lead Chair as an Associate Professor of Law and Analytics at the Colleges of Business and Law at Georgia State University, where she uses computational methods to study legal text with a particular focus on understanding how courts process and resolve employment disputes and other types of civil lawsuits. She also founded and directs the university's legal analytics lab, which works towards a legal system that embraces data to solve intractable problems and create a more just society.

Emma Bloksberg-Fireovid (known as Emma B-F) - Emma is a speaker, trainer and leadership coach for women and non-binary folks in the technology industry. She has worked with hundreds of leaders to accelerate their careers, maximize their confidence, and amplify their impact, and has made it her professional mission to expand leadership opportunities for individuals of color, women and non-binary folks in tech.

Stewart Kraintz - Stewart is a mindset, success and relationship coach who works with people individually and in groups to empower them into ownership of their lives. Before stepping into coaching, Stew had a successful career in sales and marketing within professional baseball, having the opportunity to work for the New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves, as well as several affiliated minor league clubs.

Damon West - Damon is a college professor, internationally known keynote speaker and Wall Street Journal best selling author of The Coffee Bean, A Simple Lesson to Create Positive Change, which Forbes listed in the Top 20 Books You Need to Read to Crush 2020.

Jonathan Howe - Jonathan is a professor at Temple University, whose research centers broadly on the intersection of waste, sport and education. Within these intersections, he focuses on black male college athletes, as well as black coaches and athletic administrators, he has presented his work at national and international conferences, and his work has been published in numerous academic journals.

Rocki Mayner - Rocki is a licensed financial coach, speaker and workshop facilitator, who previously worked as a human resources executive.

AC Fowlkes - AC is the executive officer of Fowlkes Consulting, an LGBTQ+ sensitivity and transgender inclusion consulting firm.

Deborah Atella - Deb is the author of the international best selling book, Is This Job My Jam? The Guide for Grown-Ups Who Still Don't Know What They Want to Be. She's also a certified life coach, Reiki master and meditation guide. I'm the host of the Atella Like It Is podcast.

Timothy Welbeck - Timothy is the Director for the Center of Anti-Racism Research, and an Assistant Professor of Instruction at Temple University, a civil rights attorney, a scholar of law, race and culture, a writer and a hip-hop artist.

Tre'vell Anderson - Tre'vell is an award-winning journalist, social curator and world changer who's dedicated their career to centering the stories of those in the margins, gray spaces and the intersections of life. They were named to the Roots 2020 list of the 100 Most Influential African Americans. And they told me that their definition of success has changed over time and continues to evolve.

Tomar Pierson-Brown -Tomar is the Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusive Excellence and a Clinical Associate Professor of Law at University of Pittsburgh School of Law. She's also the director of the Health Law Clinic, which operates as a medical legal partnership with UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Anel Duarte - Anel specializes in facilitating one-on-one and group practices. Under the trauma sensitive and trauma informed lenses. A trauma survivor herself, she holds safe space for participants to explore their internal experiences through yoga, body movement, meditation, the use of rituals and breathing techniques. Additionally, Anel's interests center and intersectional social justice and gender violence advocacy in order to dismantle systems of oppression and to create a world where it is possible to live our lives in dignity, free from patriarchal, colonial and capitalist violence.

Sunny Taylor - Sunny is a decades long entrepreneur with an at home accounting practice of a few 100 active clients. Sunny is the content editor and creative collaborator for this podcast.

Liz Taylor - Liz is an Assistant Professor in the Sport and Recreation Management Department at Temple University School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management, whose work examines gender discrimination, homophobia, sexual harassment and assault within the athletic industry. Liz spoke about burn out too, and she linked it to the dehumanization and discrimination that occurs in many industries.

LaTonya Wilkins - LaTonya is the founder of The Change Coaches LLC, an organization dedicated to creating revolutionary leadership development, culture change, and extraordinary personal growth. She is also the author of Leading Below the Surface: How to Build Real and Psychologically Safe Relationships with People Who are Different from You.

Joyce Jelks - Known personally and professionally as JJ, is the head of people and culture at Wieden+Kennedy, New York and Army Major, the Chief Founding Member, Relationship Engagement Manager for Sean Johnson and founder of Ottawa Park HR advisory.

Shanna Hocking - Shanna is a thought leader, keynote speaker and writer with 20 years experience working in leadership development. Shanna is the author of One Bold Move a Day and the host of the One Bold Move a Day Podcast.

Christina Glickman - Christina is the founder of the Extra Love Army. Christina is a Ted X speaker. Podcaster and the author of the best selling book Extra: The Art of Being.

Jeff Mayner - Jeff is a financial services professional and full time entrepreneur. Prior to his transition to entrepreneurship. He worked in IT telecommunications and prior to that he served 8 1/2 years in the United States Navy.

Alida Miranda-Wolff - Alida is the author of Cultures of Belonging, Building Inclusive Organizations That Last and CEO and founder of Ethos, A Diversity equity, inclusion and belonging firm dedicated to closing the opportunity gap for underrepresented and underserved groups.

Steve Bollar - AKA Stand Tall Steve, is an educational thought leader, author and motivational speaker. The author of the book, Ideas, Ideas, Ideas and creator of the podcast The Stand Tall Leadership Show.

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