Episode 8 Q&A:LGBTQIA+
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In this Q & A episode of the Demystifying Diversity Podcast, Daralyse and AnnaMarie delve more deeply into the topics discussed in Episode 8, LGBTQIA: Embracing the Spectrum of Human Sexuality and Gender Identity.

They review the importance of Trans Competency Trainings while illuminating the intersection of transphobia and racism, and how our society is being called to dismantle oppressive and toxic expectations regarding gender and sexuality.

Daralyse shares her own experiences of coming out as sexually fluid and stresses how essential it is to meet sacred personal disclosures with an open mind and an open heart. She emphasizes the importance of safe spaces, representation, community and inclusion.

In the listener participation portion, listeners ask about the difference between asking for “preferred pronouns” vs “pronouns,” what to do when you misgender somebody or make a pronouns mistake, how to address bullying against LGBTQIA+ youth, and how to address discrimination in the workplace.

In this episode, you will be asked to consider your roles and responsibilities and to ask yourself if you are willing to face uncomfortability on the journey of collective healing.

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