The Successful Thinker
Corey Jahnke
Achieving success has never been an easy task, nor has leading people towards it. How can it be when you find yourself in a constant struggle for getting the best out of people in the first place? Being a leader often feels like giving yourself up for others, clouding even that possibility of truly moving your way up to greatness. People from all different directions seem to be breathing down your neck. On top of that, your professional life is slowly chipping away at your personal life. You find yourself stressed, frazzled, disorganized, and defeated. Corey Jahnke shares how leadership does not have to be like this. With the right tools and a shift in mindset, you can transform your way into becoming a successful leader; because successful leaders are successful thinkers! Introducing The Successful Thinker podcast, dive into this wormhole towards a better future. Get into the minds of thought leaders, spiritual and mindfulness experts, and brain specialists as you’re guided by The 7 Laws of 21st Century Leadership. Learn a modern, cutting edge, and relevant (real world) philosophy of success and personal development, both in life and in business. This show is packed with simple ideas that anyone can implement; at the same time, offering truly original thinking and training that harnesses the power of the human mind to become an amazingly high performer in your industry. Be inspired as you inspire and engage others, grabbing people by the heart and expanding their minds to what is truly possible for them. Ultimately, rediscover and find the Successful Thinker in you—someone who excels at the technical aspects of their career but leads others through genuine engagement and concern for their lives and well-being; and someone who understand that their number one job is to maintain the emotional state of their team and their family through influence, education, and involvement. To connect with Corey and stay up to date on the podcast please visit
The Successful Thinker
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