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Raising Confident and Independent Children
Jul 14, 2020 · 47 min
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Nevena Bazalac is Dubai's #1 Harmonious Family Expert and Coach, best known for her unique "Successful Parenting" Program that provides guidance to parents on how to deal with the most common struggles in parenting, reduce stress, guilt, and worries, re-build harmony in their family, enjoy parenthood more and help their children achieve success in life.

Nevena is also a published author of books "Nursery Yes or No?, "Successful Parenting" and "Create Your Own Future" Program for Orphanages that has a goal to empower children growing up in institutions, without parental guidance, and in poverty.

Nevena has Masters in Child Development, Phycology, and SEN and during the last decade, she has been coached and mentored by world's best coaches like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Bob Proctor, Peggy McColl, Kane and Alessia, Sam Ovens and others in NLP, Mastermind and Coaching Strategies and Techniques.

Nevena is also a Founder and CEO of L.A.K.E Consulting, global educational consulting firm that uses highly specialized knowledge and expertise to help educational institutions and individuals achieve their goals and get better results.

L.A.K.E stands for L-learn A-apply K-know E-educate as we are driven by the idea that the real knowledge comes only when learned information is applied and that those who know will then educate others. This approach is used through our Training Program and Curriculum Development.

L.A.K.E is setting the new standards in the area of educational consulting through their:

-Highly specialized consultancy

-Project Management

-Training Program and

-Master Mind Events.

In this episode, you we discuss:

·      The significance of child development in parenting

·      Learn from a professional with real experience and a diversified background

·      Learn how motor development connects to child development

·      Create harmony in the parent\child relationship

·      Every child has their own qualities and gifts

·      The needs aren’t special, they are needs.

·      Play is vital in the early years

·      Children need to learn to be independent as well.

·      You have to know how development and psychology works in order to recognize developmental delays.

·      Confidence comes when you work on the right thing at the right time.

·      You can not rush the development process.

·      Sometimes it is important for the parent to do something for themselves.

·      Engage your children in activities you can do together.

·      You learn when you apply knowledge.

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