If It Really Is The Economy, Stupid, Then Vote For A Democrat
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If It Really Is The Economy, Stupid, Then Vote For A Democrat. 

Every Economic Disaster in American History happened Under a Republican President. Of course, Republicans in Congress helped.

Here is the list.

Herbert Hoover - Republican:  1929 Stock Market Crash and Depression.

Ronald Reagan - Republican: 1982 Recession. Cut taxes for Ultra-Rich, then Raised Taxes three times, including a payroll tax which hurt "Reagan Democrats." Tripled the Deficit. 

George W. Bush - Republican: The Savings and Loan Crisis. The 2008 Financial Meltdown. The Multi-Billion Dollar Bank Bailout.

Trump - Republican: Mismanagement of the COVID Crisis, which was/is disastrous for the U.S. Economy. He racked up the National Debt by $7 TRILLION! Lost the Trade War with China - which caused the lost of 300,000 U.S. Jobs.

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