The Three Things Your Worldview Needs to Explain
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Greg talks about three features of the world that any worldview would need to explain: the world exists, the world is ordered, the world is broken, then he answers a question about how to respond to three challenges to the reliability and trustworthiness of the Bible. Topics:
  1. Commentary: The three things your worldview needs to explain. (00:00)
  2. How should I respond to these three challenges to the reliability and trustworthiness of the Bible? (27:00)
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Bible Thinker
Bible Thinker
Mike Winger
Dr. Craig Blomberg Reviews The Passion Translation Book of 1 Corinthians
Open description for time stamps. I've hired a number of scholars to review Brian Simmons' seriously flawed Bible version. This is my "Passion Project". Today's video features Dr. Craig Blomberg and his thoughts after reviewing the book of 1 Corinthians in The Passion Translation. Scroll down for links to Dr. Blomberg's paper. This same link will have ALL the reviews and papers as they are published. You should see a total of 5 uploaded by the beginning of January. After that I will need to wait a while for more scholars to finish their papers and do interviews. I hope to have it all done in the next few months. What's was my goal with this? I want the people of Christ to know the truth about this "translation" so that they can love what God has said without Brian Simmons altering it in unjustified ways. However, in the course of researching for this project I've uncovered some other very concerning things about Brian Simmons' teachings including false prophecy and various extreme claims regarding his own spiritual experiences. I'll be sharing some of this in future videos as well since I have realized that he is not just styling himself as a Bible translator but as an inspired Bible interpreter who is going to release a last days transformation in the people of God so that "everything that can be said about Jesus can be said about you". Yeah, it's weird. LINK to all interviews AND papers as they are uploaded. Dr. Blomberg’s book – Can We Trust The Bible? For even MORE content on TPT here is a playlist of my own research into this translation. I think it’s even worse than many of the scholars have said, but that’s not because of a failure on their part. They restricted themselves to reviewing the translation text of a single book each, and only glancing at the footnotes, whereas I looked at the work as a whole and found various other issues of concern including misleading statements from Brian about his own experience as a translator for the Paya Kuna Bible, his degree of education and even stunningly false prophecies he has given. My website *These timestamps will work after the video has premiered. 0:00 Intro 0:17 Why this video is important: Brian Simmons wild claims. 1:55 What my Passion Project is. 2:35 Who is Dr. Blomberg and why is he reviewing TPT? 4:52 Dr. Blomberg's attitude toward paraphrases. 6:41 Dr. Blomberg is not driven by bias against TPT but by credible concerns. 7:51 Is TPT misleading people when it calls itself a "translation"? 9:27 A great example of why TPT isn't a translation. 10:07 The "glaring, recurring error" in TPT's footnotes (the "Aramaic"). 12:38 This is REALLY bad. Brian Simmons is deceiving people about what "all the scholars" think. 17:37 Simmons' knowingly misuses Mike Bird's scholarship even after Dr. Bird rebuked the misuse. 19:42 Brian Simmons claims that his FOOTNOTES in TPT are the result of God's inspiration. 23:50 Why we should reject Simmons' claims. 24:53 Why the "lack of italics" in TPT is deceiving people. 27:29 1 Cor 1 vv. 11-12 that show TPT is inconsistent with italics. 30:38 How Simmons messes up the "gender role" passage in 1 Corinthians. 35:07 Simmons has an axe to grind on the topic of women which he seems to be wrongly forcing into his translation of the Bible. 38:48 The one place where Simmons translation seems complementarian. 43:26 What attracts people to The Passion Translation? 45:03 Examples of Simmons adding "passion" to the Bible where he shouldn't. 46:08 TPT is named after and angel that Brian saw, according to Brian Simmons. 46:38 How Brian represents TPT as if it's a quality work without bias. 47:42 But Brian sometimes admits his translation is very much a sectarian work. 52:03 Simmons "reverses Paul's meaning" in 1 Cor 10 v. 13. 56:05 TPT perpetuates a "long standing mistranslation" in 1 Cor 11. 1:01:11 Dr. Blomberg thinks TPT can cause a doctrinal problem with the Trinity. 1:04:11 An example of hyper-charismatic alterations in TPT. 1:10:35 TPT once again mishandles a passage related to slaves. 1:13:39 Quick recap of other places TPT does this. 1:14:32 1 Cor 7 v. 36 is "particularly confused." 1:17:18 The best parts of TPT are also the worst parts. 1:18:11 1 Cor 13 shows us TPT's style. 1:21:21 Don't use TPT as a serious Bible. 1:22:13 Dr. Blomberg responds to Bill Johnson's quote. 1:23:33 TPT distorts the meaning of the Bible? 1:24:19 Misleading claims from TPT web site. 1:25:23 Should TPT be in apps and sites? 1:27:21 Did Brian really get secrets from God? 1:29:15 Brian's abuse of homonyms in the name of God. 1:33:29 Dr. Blomberg's advice to someone who loves TPT. 1:34:34 A Surgeon General's warning. 1:36:02 Can We Still Believe The Bible? 1:37:40 Last things. 1:39:56 "Cameo" from Brian.
1 hr 40 min
ESV: Through the Bible in a Year
ESV: Through the Bible in a Year
January 17: Genesis 31; Psalm 17; Matthew 20
Old Testament: Genesis 31 Genesis 31 (Listen) Jacob Flees from Laban *31 *Now Jacob heard that the sons of Laban were saying, “Jacob has taken all that was our father’s, and from what was our father’s he has gained all this wealth.” *2 *And Jacob saw that Laban did not regard him with favor as before. *3 *Then the LORD said to Jacob, “Return to the land of your fathers and to your kindred, and I will be with you.” *4 *So Jacob sent and called Rachel and Leah into the field where his flock was *5 *and said to them, “I see that your father does not regard me with favor as he did before. But the God of my father has been with me. *6 *You know that I have served your father with all my strength, *7 *yet your father has cheated me and changed my wages ten times. But God did not permit him to harm me. *8 *If he said, ‘The spotted shall be your wages,’ then all the flock bore spotted; and if he said, ‘The striped shall be your wages,’ then all the flock bore striped. *9 *Thus God has taken away the livestock of your father and given them to me. *10 *In the breeding season of the flock I lifted up my eyes and saw in a dream that the goats that mated with the flock were striped, spotted, and mottled. *11 *Then the angel of God said to me in the dream, ‘Jacob,’ and I said, ‘Here I am!’ *12 *And he said, ‘Lift up your eyes and see, all the goats that mate with the flock are striped, spotted, and mottled, for I have seen all that Laban is doing to you. *13 *I am the God of Bethel, where you anointed a pillar and made a vow to me. Now arise, go out from this land and return to the land of your kindred.’” *14 *Then Rachel and Leah answered and said to him, “Is there any portion or inheritance left to us in our father’s house? *15 *Are we not regarded by him as foreigners? For he has sold us, and he has indeed devoured our money. *16 *All the wealth that God has taken away from our father belongs to us and to our children. Now then, whatever God has said to you, do.” *17 *So Jacob arose and set his sons and his wives on camels. *18 *He drove away all his livestock, all his property that he had gained, the livestock in his possession that he had acquired in Paddan-aram, to go to the land of Canaan to his father Isaac. *19 *Laban had gone to shear his sheep, and Rachel stole her father’s household gods. *20 *And Jacob tricked1 Laban the Aramean, by not telling him that he intended to flee. *21 *He fled with all that he had and arose and crossed the Euphrates,2 and set his face toward the hill country of Gilead. *22 *When it was told Laban on the third day that Jacob had fled, *23 *he took his kinsmen with him and pursued him for seven days and followed close after him into the hill country of Gilead. *24 *But God came to Laban the Aramean in a dream by night and said to him, “Be careful not to say anything to Jacob, either good or bad.” *25 *And Laban overtook Jacob. Now Jacob had pitched his tent in the hill country, and Laban with his kinsmen pitched tents in the hill country of Gilead. *26 *And Laban said to Jacob, “What have you done, that you have tricked me and driven away my daughters like captives of the sword? *27 *Why did you flee secretly and trick me, and did not tell me, so that I might have sent you away with mirth and songs, with tambourine and lyre? *28 *And why did you not permit me to kiss my sons and my daughters farewell? Now you have done foolishly. *29 *It is in my power to do you harm. But the God of your3 father spoke to me last night, saying, ‘Be careful not to say anything to Jacob, either good or bad.’ *30 *And now you have gone away because you longed greatly for your father’s house, but why did you steal my gods?” *31 *Jacob answered and said to Laban, “Because I was afraid, for I thought that you would take your daughters from me by force. *32 *Anyone with whom you find your gods shall not live. In the presence of our kinsmen point out what I have that is yours, and take it.” Now Jacob did not know that Rachel had stolen them. *33 *So Laban went into Jacob’s tent and into Leah’s tent and into the tent of the two female servants, but he did not find them. And he went out of Leah’s tent and entered Rachel’s. *34 *Now Rachel had taken the household gods and put them in the camel’s saddle and sat on them. Laban felt all about the tent, but did not find them. *35 *And she said to her father, “Let not my lord be angry that I cannot rise before you, for the way of women is upon me.” So he searched but did not find the household gods. *36 *Then Jacob became angry and berated Laban. Jacob said to Laban, “What is my offense? What is my sin, that you have hotly pursued me? *37 *For you have felt through all my goods; what have you found of all your household goods? Set it here before my kinsmen and your kinsmen, that they may decide between us two. *38 *These twenty years I have been with you. Your ewes and your female goats have not miscarried, and I have not eaten the rams of your flocks. *39 *What was torn by wild beasts I did not bring to you. I bore the loss of it myself. From my hand you required it, whether stolen by day or stolen by night. *40 *There I was: by day the heat consumed me, and the cold by night, and my sleep fled from my eyes. *41 *These twenty years I have been in your house. I served you fourteen years for your two daughters, and six years for your flock, and you have changed my wages ten times. *42 *If the God of my father, the God of Abraham and the Fear of Isaac, had not been on my side, surely now you would have sent me away empty-handed. God saw my affliction and the labor of my hands and rebuked you last night.” *43 *Then Laban answered and said to Jacob, “The daughters are my daughters, the children are my children, the flocks are my flocks, and all that you see is mine. But what can I do this day for these my daughters or for their children whom they have borne? *44 *Come now, let us make a covenant, you and I. And let it be a witness between you and me.” *45 *So Jacob took a stone and set it up as a pillar. *46 *And Jacob said to his kinsmen, “Gather stones.” And they took stones and made a heap, and they ate there by the heap. *47 *Laban called it Jegar-sahadutha,4 but Jacob called it Galeed.5 *48 *Laban said, “This heap is a witness between you and me today.” Therefore he named it Galeed, *49 *and Mizpah,6 for he said, “The LORD watch between you and me, when we are out of one another’s sight. *50 *If you oppress my daughters, or if you take wives besides my daughters, although no one is with us, see, God is witness between you and me.” *51 *Then Laban said to Jacob, “See this heap and the pillar, which I have set between you and me. *52 *This heap is a witness, and the pillar is a witness, that I will not pass over this heap to you, and you will not pass over this heap and this pillar to me, to do harm. *53 *The God of Abraham and the God of Nahor, the God of their father, judge between us.” So Jacob swore by the Fear of his father Isaac, *54 *and Jacob offered a sacrifice in the hill country and called his kinsmen to eat bread. They ate bread and spent the night in the hill country. *55 *7 Early in the morning Laban arose and kissed his grandchildren and his daughters and blessed them. Then Laban departed and returned home. Footnotes [1] 31:20 Hebrew _stole the heart of_; also verses 26, 27 [2] 31:21 Hebrew _the River_ [3] 31:29 The Hebrew for _your_ is plural here [4] 31:47 Aramaic _the heap of witness_ [5] 31:47 Hebrew _the heap of witness_ [6] 31:49 _Mizpah_ means _watchpost_ [7] 31:55 Ch 32:1 in Hebrew (ESV) Psalm: Psalm 17 Psalm 17 (Listen) In the Shadow of Your Wings A Prayer of David. *17 *  Hear a just cause, O LORD; attend to my cry!     Give ear to my prayer from lips free of deceit! *2 *  From your presence…
13 min
Help Me Teach The Bible
Help Me Teach The Bible
The Gospel Coalition, Nancy Guthrie
Dan Doriani on James (Re-release)
To teach us how to teach the book of James, Nancy Guthrie talked with Dan Doriani, vice president of strategic academic initiatives and professor of theology at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. Doriani is the author of _Getting the Message: A Plan for Interpreting and Applying the Bible_, a book that is essential reading for every Bible teacher, as well as numerous commentaries. He also wrote the introduction and notes on the book of James in the _Gospel Transformation Bible_. Topics in this discussion include: * the way Jesus is presented differently in James compared to other epistles * the tree tests of James * the nature of “true religion” * the gospel according to James * bringing a social justice framework to teaching James * whether there’s conflict between James and Paul regarding faith and works * praying for healing according to James Here are some additional resources you may find helpful in preparing to teach James: * Doriani’s class lectures on James at Covenant Theological Seminary (registration required) * Sermons on James by Alistair Begg * Sermons on James by Dick Lucas * Let’s Get Real! sermon series by various teachers at All Souls, Langham Place For further study, here are some books you may find helpful, including titles from Crossway, the sponsor of Help Me Teach the Bible: * _James _(Reformed Expository Commentary) by Dan Doriani * _The Letter of James _(Pillar New Testament Commentary) Douglas J. Moo * _James: Faith that Works_ (Preaching the Word Commentary) by R. Kent Hughes * _James: a 12-Week Study_ by Greg Gilbert
1 hr 4 min
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