New Influence
New Influence
Mar 3, 2019
Building An Influencer Business with Ben Jeffries, CEO Of Influencer
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Ben Jeffries is a 23-year-old entrepreneur, specialising in influencer marketing and social media. Ben founded his second company, Influencer, at 18 and has since driven it to become an industry-leading business in marketing's hottest sector, raising their first round of investment on Crowdcube in under 24 hours. Ben has since partnered up with YouTube sensation Caspar Lee as a co-founder and appointed him CMO, whilst leading his team to close a further £500k investment round for Influencer. Ben was recently named Media Week’s Rising Star and UK Tech Founder of the Year 2018 at the BMW i UK Tech Founder Awards. Show highlights 1:54 Ben introduces himself, his company Influencer, how he got started and his role as CEO. 5:06 How the Influencer platform works. 8:14 The clients Influencer works with along with in-house and agency split. 9:21 The influencer marketing landscape in the UK. 12:31 The Competition and Markets Authority's influencer marketing guidelines. 16:35 The benefits of working with influencers across different channels. 20:39 How much do the social networks value influencers and content creators on their platforms. 21:44 Influencer marketing in the B2B space. 22:55 How Ben sees the future of influencer marketing over the next 12 months and the next five years. 26:40 Future plans for Influencer. 27:23 The one book Ben recommends everyone should read. Resources/People/Articles mentioned in podcast Influencer Caspar Lee The CMA influencer marketing guidelines Captify Grace Beverley YouTube launches Stories feature Blue Ocean Strategy Transcript Ste Davies: Ben, welcome to the podcast. Ben Jeffries: Thank you very much for having me on the podcast. Really excited to be here. SD: Delighted to have you on. To start off with, can you give us some background on yourself, your company, Influencer and your role as CEO there. BJ: Of course, so I started the company back in 2015 but the brainwave for the company obviously came before then. When I was younger than I am now, I had a clothing company called Breeze and essentially I wanted to make it the next big thing. I always thought that if celebrities wore my clothes that would really help. However I couldn't afford any celebrities nor did I know any celebrities. So, I'm a massive Chelsea football fan - sorry if that offends anyone who's listening - but I reached out to quite a few Chelsea reserve teams players on social media. These guys had around 10 or 15 thousand followers on Twitter and I basically said, "If I give you fifty quid would you mind posting a tweet wearing my clothes?" So I started working with not just Chelsea reserve teams players but other reserve team players from up and down the country. I branched out to models, fitness bloggers and all these people who had, you know, a very small following on social media but had some influence. And while I was building up this network I thought, "OK, other brands can benefit from this network as well." So I decided that even though Breeze was really cool and I was loving it there'll be much more success in the future from launching an agency which connects brands with these influential content creators. I decided to put Breeze to one side and launch what Influencer is today and this was back in 2015. Since 2015 there have been plenty of stories along the way, from multiple rounds of funding to taking on board new business partners. It has expanded from a small agency in my university room to an actual technology platform with a team of 28 based in Holborn. SD: Wow. And I just want to point out to people listening that Ben you're still very much in your early 20s, right? BJ: Yeah, I am actually 22, but 23 on Friday though. SD: Wow when I was 23 I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. So you got started purely by accident and you fell into the space purely because of y...
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