New Influence
New Influence
Dec 21, 2018
The business of influence with Kamiu Lee, CEO of ACTIVATE
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Kamiu Lee is the CEO of influencer marketing company, ACTIVATE which helps brands and influencers identify opportunities to partner together and tell engaging and compelling stories across social media, at scale. In the last 12 months, ACTIVATE has engaged over 75,000 influencers, from nano-influencers to macro-creators, publishing more than 6,500 pieces of collaborated content per month. Kamiu is an expert in the field of influencer marketing and is frequently quoted and interviewed in publications such as Fortune, Entrepreneur, Digiday, PR Week, eMarketer, BusinessInsider, The Business of Fashion and more. Show highlights 1:04 Kamiu introduces ACTIVATE. 3:32 The current trends with influencers and content creators. 6:25 The main social platforms where brand collaborations are taking place. 16:04 Where influencer marketing sits within the wider marketing industry. 21:08 Influencer fraud and what to do it about it. 27:044 The professionalisation of influencers. 33:15 To work with nano-influencers or micro-influencers or both? 35:00 Where a brand should start in influencer marketing. 39:45 Where someone should start if they want to become an influencer. 45:43 The future of influencer marketing. Resources/People/Articles mentioned in podcast ACTIVATE INFLUENCE blog Bloglovin' The Blonde Salad The Skinny Confidential The Snowball The Outsiders Podcast transcript Stephen Davies: Kamiu, welcome to the podcast. Kamiu Lee: Thank you. Thanks for having me. SD: Glad to have you on. Can you give us some background on ACTIVATE, what it is, how it got started and what you guys do? KL: Yeah sure. At ACTIVATE we are an influencer marketing technology and strategy company. So what that means is we have both a fully end to end platform that supports everything from influencer discovery, workflow management, influencer relationship management - a CRM to keep track of all your relationships with different creators, as well as measurement and amplification of that content to the right audience. On the strategy side of things, we have what we call ACTIVATE Studio. We have a team of in-house influencer specialists ranging from folks who started working with digital creators since the very beginning when it started out with macro much larger creators. Today we tap these micro and nano-influencers as well in very scaled programs. Where we started out vis-a-vis a lot of the other influencer marketing players that have popped up in recent years, we actually started out quite some time ago as Bloglovin' which is an influencer platform that started about ten years ago for bloggers and a way for them to discover great content that the community was publishing. Bloglovin' continues to be our owned and operated media platform and is a way for us to promote and co-partner with creators within our network. In our mind, as a company we're really built around the influencer so from a content, promotional and audience development standpoint on the Bloglovin side to various brand partnership opportunities, whether it's financial monetisation through sponsored content or organic relationships with brands as well, that's what the ACTIVATE platform really helps to support so we are really influencer centric as a company. SD: So you guys really cover the full spectrum of the influencer landscape. I can remember Bloglovin' from when I started blogging in 2005 and I remember you guys in the early days so you've obviously been around for quite some time and have seen the industry evolve and chance, what are the current trends you're seeing in the influencer marketing space. Are we seeing new trends? KL: Yeah, when I think about what we're seeing from the Bloglovin' days until today the emergence of various types of content creators, that has only expanded rapidly over the last few years. What folks call the democratisation of media which is really...
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