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Feb 10, 2023
Judy Dragon - Journey woman, ThetaHealing Technique® Master, Trauma Healing specialist and Author
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My story is one of extreme darkness and trauma to one of transforming these difficult childhood experiences into a non-dualistic spiritual journey of deep healing and discovery for myself and many others.  The first 23 years of my life, I was sexually abused, physically tortured, and trafficked. Those words cover a vast amount of territory which I will only briefly discuss. There is no darkness I’m unaware of. What is and will be appearing on the world stage will shine further Light and Truth on my story.

Through over 45 years of study and practice in various esoteric and alternative healing arts, both professionally and through personal transformation, I have assisted many in healing different conditions along with childhood abuse and its traumatic effects. Even at a young age, I knew I wanted to be of service to humanity.  Starting off at 10 as a self-appointed neighbourhood summer play counselor, I later volunteered as a teen nursing aid, and then shifted to being a dental hygienist for 26 years.

I also holistically raised four home-birthed children. I didn’t use allopathic medicine but was their healing partner using Jin Shin Jyutsu® (Japanese hands-on healing art similar to acupuncture), herbs, and homeopathy. I additionally explored alternative ways to parent taking eight years of parenting classes.

The awakening of the repressed trauma started to surface right after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. By the early 90’s, I integrated a certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist to bring added skills and awareness of the unconscious mind’s programs into my personal healing and private practice.

By the late 90’s, I co-authored and co-edited, “Multiple Journeys to One: Spiritual Stories of Integrating from Dissociative Identity Disorder” presenting in the Northern California Bay area on TV, radio, at conferences for therapist associations and those who survived extreme sexual abuse.

In 1998, I attended the very first ThetaHealing® workshop outside of Idaho when Vianna Stibal, the founder, came to Northern California. It was an instant click.’ Since that time, I attained the highest level of certification in ThetaHealing® Technique witnessing thousands of amazing healings, from broken bones mended in seconds to depression gone in one session to the fusion of dissociated personalities. The implementation of the belief work has made ThetaHealing® Technique, world-known in clearing those limiting and fearful thoughts, beliefs, and programs that stop people from moving forward in their purpose and manifestations.

In 2009, I wrote the book, ‘Moving Beyond: Healing the Trauma of Physical and Sexual abuse through ThetaHealing.®’ This has provided the worldwide community with new tools to work non-dualistically with those who were abused as children. The revision is almost complete, and I trust it will be published by this Spring of 2023.

Additionally, I’m a founding member of a non profit whose goal is to educate others in trauma healing through non dualistic spirituality, practical psychology and real science – The Moving Beyond Trauma Project. Along with the team members, our vision is to eventually be part of holistic centers for healing childhood trauma from abuse.

During these times of increased trauma and transition, taking time to practice self care and a daily focused connection with the Divine Source–of-All energy that is always a part of us wherever we are, is so supportive, calming and transformational. We are all needed at this time to step up in our lives in a very different way by bringing ourselves fully ‘here’ and in alignment with our hearts and passion.

Judy mentioned on the podcast that US Dept. of Health and Human Services whistleblower, Tara Rodas, had just stepped forward in wanting to go before congress with her information on Government sponsored, taxpayer-funded child trafficking. As it turned out, Tara spoke before the US House of Representatives in late April on this topic. 

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