Foundational Texts of Indian Philosophy
Vedanta Society, San Francisco
Indian Philosophy, spanning over more than six thousand years, represents a unique intellectual, cultural and spiritual heritage of human civilization. It is not only “love of learning” (as philosophy is usually defined) or just an intellectual journey in search of the highest truths of life and existence, but it is also a quest for their practical realization in our everyday life. The different schools of Indian philosophy were established by great preceptors from time immemorial to enable their students to manifest the highest ethical and spiritual values in their lives. In interpreting the doctrines of particular schools of thought I have attempted to keep in touch with their respective foundational texts in Sanskrit or, in dealing with the Buddhist schools, with the texts in Pali. In phase 1 we will be discussing the different schools of Vedanta (one of the ‘Āstika Darśana’s) beginning with Advaita, to be followed by the schools of Ramanuja, Madhva, Vallabha, Nimbarka, Baladeva, and others. Please continue to monitor our website for the latest information, and please email for any inquiries. Vedanta Society of Northern California Podcast: Email: Website:
Foundational Texts of Indian Philosophy
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