Workplace Stories by RedThread Research
RedThread Research
At RedThread, we love our data, but we know that what you remember is stories. That’s why we and Chris Pirie of the Learning Futures Group started this new workplace podcast, where we plan to hear from thinkers, writers, leaders, and practitioners to tell their stories about what works in the workplace, what they’ve learned, and what they hope to see in the future. We hope you find it inspirational, motivational, a touch irreverent—and fun! In this, our opening Season, we're posing the question: 'Why Skills?' It seems like everywhere we look, people are talking about skills: Upskilling. Reskilling. Skill gaps. Skills data. In short, there seems to be a skills obsession. So we talk to thinkers, writers, leaders, and practitioners about the current state of thinking on why and how we are managing skills at the people and organizational level. We specifically cover topics such as: -What are organizations’ overall purpose in focusing on skills, both now and in the future? What are they actually doing, and what is their aspiration? - How are organizations identifying, quantifying, and communicating about skills? - How are employees being involved in the identification, validation, and upkeep of skills? To what extent do employees “own” skills? - What are the different roles of technology in understanding, quantifying, and maintaining skills? We hope you enjoy what we found on our probe into our first set of Workplace Stories: The Skills Obsession.
Workplace Stories by RedThread Research
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