INVISION Podcast with Dee Carroll (Episode 12): Drs. Adam Ramsey and Darryl Glover
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In this episode,  Dee speaks with two ODs well-known to the INVISION audience. Dr. Adam Ramsey and Dr. Daryl Glover have both established themselves as industry thought leaders and in this episode the three discuss their latest joint venture, Black EyeCare Perspective (, an online community they founded to facilitate open and authentic dialogue surrounding implicit bias, organizational structure, diversity and inclusion in the eyecare industry.
They start with a run through of the various eyecare practices, and other business ventures, Drs. Ramsey and Glover own or run. At 12:00, they discuss their own experience running businesses with a diverse set of models and clientele to set the stage for their later discussion about industry inclusivity. Then around 20:30, they begin their discussion of Black EyeCare Perspective, why they founded it and what they are hoping to accomplish with the platform, including the lack of black representation in industry in clinical and executive roles, as well merchandising for black consumers (21:20) and how the eyecare industry can better recruit black ECPs and better address the black patient/consumer needs in eyecare (22:30). “We wanted to create an environment that is inclusive and recognizes the importance of diversity in the eyecare industry,” explains Dr. Glover.
He goes on to explain Black EyeCare Perspective’s three pronged approach at 23:00. 1. Address the biases in the eyecare industry. 2. Help ECPs and companies remain relevant in a constantly changing cultural landscape. 3. Facilitate better dialogue between non-minority eyecare professionals and minority patients in the eyecare setting.
“Darryl and I want to add a different perspective to how we can actually engage these groups of eyecare professionals and how companies can engage African-American and minority patients in a way to get their brand message across and do a better job of connecting with these patients to get better access to care and use their products more effectively,” shares Dr. Ramsey.
At 27:15, they acknowledge the great work the National Optometric Organization and other high profile minority industry leaders have already done and how they just want to build upon that progress to continue to grow the profession. Around 30:30, they discuss the entrepreneurial spirit of many black ECPs but go on to say the goal is to see more of them in management, at board tables, on advisory boards and speaker panels to address proper representation.
At 34:00, they address the sensitivity many people feel in addressing and discussing race and their hope that they can encourage people to have those conversations to better serve the end consumer through diverse product testing, merchandising and retail mix. 
“This is for everyone. We’re trying to change the game of optometry,” says Dr. Glover. “If this demographic is catered to, if we’re able to give them the resources, if were able to prescribe properly, it’s going to increase the bottom line for everyone. Everyone wins.” (42:00)
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