Teach Me Something
the Agent Collective
Meet Long Doan. Long knows a lot about many things, especially real estate and leadership. Long has sold thousands of houses and has a thriving real estate business. The secret of his success is his commitment to learning something new each and every day. But here's the twist: he’s actually not a fan of reading books, and "penalizes" himself with 20 minutes of reading time if he doesn’t learn something new from another person by the end of each day. Long loves to learn and he also loves efficiency since doesn’t have a lot of time. That's why Teach Me Something turns Long’s daily learning into a game show, giving various real estate experts and business professionals a quick two minutes to see if they can teach Long something new that’s relevant to his life or business. Find out if they can race against the clock to whittle their way into Long’s brain — and maybe yours.
Teach Me Something
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