Episode 32 - Duquesne of Clan Duquesne with Special Guest Charley Koontz
1 hr 16 min
Hey Community Fans! This is one of the episodes we've all been waiting for...Mr. Charley Koontz aka Real Neil with Pipes of Steel aka Duquesne of Clan Duquesne. I'll just apologize up front for fawning over him so much. I just think he's such a nice guy and love his acting. I'll be more professional next time. You can check him out in The Boys now on Amazon Prime and Eat Your Heart Out which you can see a trailer for here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfJTMnCT7Ps
Monster Of The Week: A Supernatural Podcast
Monster Of The Week: A Supernatural Podcast
Jeremy Greer, Chris Mosher
Episode 206: Platonic Mom
We're back! It's time to talk about S13E03 - Patience, in which an old friend comes back and is almost immediately murdered. Supernatural, what is you doing?!?!? Monster of the Week is on Patreon (https://patreon.com/monsteroftheweek)! If you want to directly support the show and ensure we keep putting out that sweet hashtag content week to week, consider pledging. You get some sweet rewards like early access to weekly episodes, access to our Discord, exclusive podcasts, and more! Monster of the Week is also on Twitter (https://twitter.com/motwcast), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/monsteroftheweekpodcast/), and Tumblr (https://monsteroftheweekpodcast.tumblr.com/). Jeremy is on Twitter (https://twitter.com/jggreer), and you probably shouldn't follow him unless you know what you're doing. Chris is on Twitter (https://twitter.com/localbones), and you probably should follow him if you like #hunks and #swords. Like that intro? The music was done by our friend bansheebeat (https://twitter.com/bansheetweet), who has done all of our fancy intros over the last couple of years. Go check out his music! The vocals are by Alice Does Karate (https://heathermillettemusic.bandcamp.com/releases), a wonderful singer that didn't even bat an eye at the words "no one's really sure who's nutting blud today." Mark of a true professional. We also made an entire music video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNjbrC1S-CI) for it. It's awesome. Please watch.
1 hr 19 min
Off Camera with Sam Jones
Off Camera with Sam Jones
Sam Jones
Ep 156. Awkwafina
Awkwafina (also known as Nora Lum) is having quite a moment. She’s a part of the impressive cast of female icons (Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, and more) in Ocean’s 8, and she’s so hilarious in Crazy Rich Asians that you’ll barely hear her next line over the sound of your own laughter. What does this moment in the spotlight feel like? Awkwafina likens it to this: “I compare it to a wall opening up and transporting you to an alternate dimension where there is no gravity, and everything is weird.” Her initial shock isn’t so strange when you consider the fact that she never allowed herself to dream of a career in the arts, and there weren’t exactly any female Asian-American actress/rapper hybrids to pave the road to possibility. Awkwafina tried to follow the path that her friends took after college, but living the buttoned-up office life of a publicity assistant in Manhattan wasn’t really her thing. When her boss made her choose between her music and her unfulfilling job, it wasn’t much of a contest—not only because she got fired, but especially because her identity was at stake. As she explains, “If I didn’t have my music, then I didn’t have an identity.” With nothing to lose, she decided to post her “My Vag” music video on Youtube, in which she hilariously raps about the superiority of her genitalia. After the push of a “Publish” button, Awkwafina became a viral success—and the rest is herstory. As the first Asian-American actress/rapper of any consequence, Awkwafina acknowledges, “Being the first sucks, but I found what I love. I found what I always dreamt of as a kid that would connect with adulthood. It’s so powerful for me. I finally feel like I can walk and know what I’m doing. I know why I’m there.” Awkwafina joins Off Camera to talk about embracing the responsibility that comes with being an Asian-American actor in Hollywood, discovering her comedic talents post personal tragedy, and why Margaret Cho is her spirit animal.
1 hr 3 min
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