3. Alejandro Escovedo "Half A Man"
22 min
Alejandro Escovedo is almost surely the only artist who has shared bills with both Willie Nelson and the Sex Pistols. On this episode, the singer-songwriter—who was a major figure in the West Coast punk scene of the seventies and rode herd over the Americana movement in the nineties—talks about Willie’s 1963 single “Half a Man.” It’s a song that peaked at number 25 on the country charts back then, and it makes Alejandro think of his father, ghost stories, old pot dealers, and the left-field cowpunk music video that first put him on Willie’s radar. Songs from this and other episodes from One By Willie are featured on Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/one-by-willie-a-texas-monthly-podcast/pl.u-b3b8VdgFKWje4Wv
36 From the Vault
36 From the Vault
Osiris Media
Dick's Picks Vol. 18 — 02/03-05/78, Madison & Milwaukee, WI / Cedar Falls, IA
In this week’s episode we explore Dick’s Picks Vol. 18, a midwestern compilation from February 3, 1978 at the Dane County Coliseum in Madison, Wisconsin, February 4, 1978 at the Milwaukee Auditorium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and February 5, 1978, at the UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Just six weeks on from the magical year of 1977, we find The Dead fusing their disco-dead sound with expert & lengthy jams, giving the run a mixed feeling of 1973 meeting 1977. Pieced together like a standard Set I for the era with a double-pack of Set II jam vehicles, this is a joyous compilation that gives one a true sense of what The Grateful Dead were up to in the Winter of 1978. Disc One opens with the back-to-back combo of “Bertha” and “Good Lovin’” before we dive into a seasonally appropriate “Cold Rain & Snow.” Elsewhere, “Deal” shines in the lively rock of late-70’s Dead. Disc Two is a masterpiece as the late-70’s combo of “Estimated Prophet> Eyes Of The World” before “Playin’ In The Band” jams for nearly 25min in a fusion of the late-70’s groove & early-70’s psychedilia. From there we hear the first “The Wheel” of the Dick’s Picks series before returning to “Playin’.” Disc Three provides a bonus Set II to the overall show, with a scorching “Scarlet -> Fire” that concludes with a jam heavy “Truckin’ -> Drums -> Other One> Wharf Rat.” All the flavors of Winter/Spring 1978 are represented here in a compilation that matches Dick’s Picks 4, 12 and 14 for its mastery of encapsulating an era. 36 from the Vault is production of Osiris Media. It is edited and produced and mastered by Brian Brinkman. All music composed by Amar Sastry, unless otherwise noted. Logo design by Liz Bee Art & Design. The executive producer of 36 from the Vault is RJ Bee.  --- In honor of the Dicks Picks series’ first appearance of “The Wheel” in Volume 18, we have a very special sponsor for this episode, the Chicago-based On Tour Brewing Company! Chicago area locals can also order for pickup or no-contact delivery, and On Tour is extending the $5 off to online orders over $30 with the Promo Code: 36VaultOnTour Please check out Synlanwn at: https://www.synlawn.com/36ftv/ Visit Section 119 at: Section119.com and enter the Promo Code: 36FROMTHEVAULT Please visit Sunset Lake CBD at: sunsetlakecbd.com and enter the Promo Code: VAULT15 --- Please consider reviewing this podcast on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. We invite you to listen to Dick’s Picks Volume 19 in anticipation of our next episode - our SEASON THREE PREMIER - which will drop in early 2021!   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
2 hr 24 min
Mighty Blue On The Appalachian Trail: The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis
Mighty Blue On The Appalachian Trail: The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis
Steve Adams
Episode #247 - Stephanie Logan Hall (Puffin)
Another really full show this week, with four segments. First up, there is a recently minted thru-hiker, Stephanie Logan Hall, who completed her SOBO hike on November 19. I was particularly keen to hear from her and her early impressions–which will doubtless change with time–of the trail and her adventure. Those of you who regularly listen to the show will know how impressed I am by these young women who take on the trail. It is clear to me that the world is in safer hands as they become our leaders for tomorrow. I'm afraid it's time for us old fat white guys to step aside!! You can reach out to Stephanie through her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000442855977 Stephen Eren, Trail Facilities Manager with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, shares his views on Life on a Trail Crew. As he said that he would in our conversation, Stephen has provided us with plenty of links to explore the possibilities of working on the trail. Get involved with SWEAT, Rocky Top, or Konnarock Trail Crews: https://appalachiantrail.org/get-involved/volunteer/trail-crews/ SWEAT https://appalachiantrail.org/get-involved/volunteer/trail-crews/smokies-wilderness-elite-a-t-crew-sweat/ Rocky Top https://appalachiantrail.org/get-involved/volunteer/trail-crews/rocky-top-trail-crew/ Konnarock https://appalachiantrail.org/get-involved/volunteer/trail-crews/konnarock-trail-crew/ Learn more about Trail Maintenance, Visitor Use Management, Leave No Trace, and Wilderness https://wildernessskillsinstitute.org/2020-wsi/ I was–at last–able to connect for a debrief with Mr President, or Bill Tickner, after the conclusion of the AT section of his now-completed Triple Crown, which saw him cross the "finish" line at Damascus. Finally today, Larry Luxenburg's Walking the Appalachian Trail looks back at the origins of the trail, and the people who made it happen. If you like what we're doing on the Hiking Radio Network, and want to see our shows continue, please consider supporting us with either a one-off or monthly donation. You'll find the donate button on each Hiking Radio Network page at https://www.hikingradionetwork.com Any support is gratefully received.
1 hr 46 min
Bourbon Pursuit
Bourbon Pursuit
Bourbon Pursuit
282 - 2020 Release Hits and Misses on Bourbon Community Roundtable #51
It's the last roundtable of 2020 and we discuss the hits and misses with 2020 bourbon releases. Most of the time we're in agreement, but every once in a while there is one that tears the group apart. And Fred goes deep on some interesting history with entry barrel proof and wheated bourbons. Show Partners: * The University of Louisville has an online Distilled Spirits Business Certificate that focuses on the business side of the spirits industry. Learn more at uofl.me/bourbonpursuit. * Penelope Bourbon is a new award-winning four grain bourbon from a unique blend of three bourbon mash bills. Available in select markets and online at PenelopeBourbon.com. * You can now buy Barrell Craft Spirits products online and have them shipped right to your door. Visit BarrellBourbon.com and click Buy Now. * Minimize drink dilution without sacrificing chill power with Meltdown, the ultimate ice ball press. Use code "PURSUIT" to receive $100 off. Learn more at MeltdownIce.com. * The Aged & Ore Spirits Flight is the most innovative way to do blind tastings at home. Get yours on Kickstarter at http://bourbonpursuit.com/flight. * Stop putting stickers on picks and take total control of your own private label with Krogman's. Learn more at Krogmans.com. Show Notes: * This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about light whiskey. * Bourbon Charity Raffle: https://charity.bourbonpursuit.com/christmascharity2020 * What did you buy on Black Friday? * Repeal Day Expo: https://repealdayexpo.com/ * 2020 Release Hits and Misses Support this Podcast on Patreon
1 hr 3 min
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