#08 — The Mechanics Of Healing | Bentinho Massaro
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In “The Mechanics of Healing,” Bentinho explains in depth how disease, trauma, and ailments of all kinds are purposeful forms of guidance—not random inconveniences—and how the mechanism of healing is the same essential process regardless of what is being healed. He also discusses the 3-Day Process, a model relevant to all transformation, and deconstructs the overused term “spiritual bypassing.”

Watch the VIDEO version of this podcast, start a free trial at http://www.bentinhomassaro.tv or find the episode on YouTube http://www.bentinhomassaro.com/youtube​
Ayurveda Life School Podcast
Ayurveda Life School Podcast
Heather Johnson
Tongue Scraper for a Review
The world needs Ayurveda. And when you leave a review on the show it helps more people to find the show and start making changes in their lives. I know it can take a few minutes to do this, so I wanted to send you a thank you gift for leaving a review-a FREE TONGUE SCRAPER. Here's how it works: Leave a Review in iTunes or the platform where you listen to the show. Take a screen shot of the review. Email the screenshot to help@ayurvedalifeschool.com. Be sure to include your mailing address so I can ship you out a FREE TONGUE SCRAPER. That's it. Can't be simpler. Here's a super quick tutorial on how to leave a podcast rating and review in iTunes from your phone or iPad. 1. Launch Apple's Podcast app on your mobile device. 2. Tap the Search tab in the lower right hand corner. (Magnifying glass image) 3. In the search bar at the top of the screen enter the name of the podcast you want to rate or review – Ayurveda Life School Podcast 4. Tap the blue Search key at the bottom right once you’ve typed in the name. 5. Tap the album art for the podcast. 6. Scroll down till you see the reviews. Just under the reviews you will see purple text that says ‘Write a Review'. Click on 'Write a Review' 7. Write in the title of your review, number of stars and the review. 8. Take a screenshot of your review. 9. **Be sure to click Send in the top right after you take a screenshot so your review will be shared with others. 10. Email the screenshot to help@ayurvedalifeschool.com and we'll send you a free tongue scraper. * If you are an international listener we are only able to ship inside the US at this time. However, we have a special digital gift just for you, so would still appreciate your review. Namaste.
5 min
Impact the World with Lee Harris
Impact the World with Lee Harris
Lee Harris
Episode 58: Alexa Fischer
Our special guest is Wishbeads founder Alexa Fischer, an actress, teacher, author, and motivational speaker whose work helps people go after their dreams, build their confidence, and break free from fear. Using online courses, private coaching, and her goal-setting jewelry line, Alexa’s work has reached many. She has shared her techniques with future leaders at the Girls Athletic Leadership School and current leaders at companies like Trader Joe’s, SONY, and Google. She's been featured in Forbes Women and on The Today Show.  In this show, Lee and Alexa share a heart-felt and dynamic exchange, one creator to another. They discuss the early part of her career as an actress, what that taught her and how she managed fear connected to her work by being curious and letting go of the narrative "I'm not doing this right." Alexa offers why working around passion and from the inside out always leads to joy and magic in her work. Her deep love of people and belief in the power of wishing, she shares how she was given an energy transmission and 'full body yes' that she knew she had to create Wishbeads. To learn more about her work: https://www.alexafischer.com/ (https://www.alexafischer.com/)  To learn more about Wishbeads: https://www.wishbeads.com/ (https://www.wishbeads.com/) Join Lee for his annual online workshop, REBIRTH 2021, beginning January 19, 2021. In 6 days of live teaching (delivered over 10 days), Lee will guide you along the path to releasing 2020 and welcoming the very different energy of 2021. The experience includes: an exclusive channeled recording, wisdom from Lee's guides, The Z's, Qigong with Steven Washington, a live Q&A with Lee, access to discussion boards, transcripts of every session and special bonus content. To learn more and to register visit: http://rebirth2021.com/ (http://rebirth2021.com/)
56 min
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