Proof My Concept
Proof My Concept
Jul 10, 2020
#2 GLOW Quick Start
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This is a Proof My Concept hands-on - a technical episode where in practice we look at examples of work on the glow platform.

In this episode:
- Technology stack overview and documentation
- Recommendations where to start
- QuickStart Demo

GLOW provides a range of infrastructure components.
We use google cloud and on-prem data centers at Globallogic.
On Control plane - kubernetes k8s and k3s for cases with edge computing
Automation is GitHub actions and ArgoCD.

One of the main components is the platform Function as a Service which will be discussed today.

OpenFaaS is an open platform of functions as a service.
The author Alex Alice, together with the open community, and this is more than 200 developers made the product, well documented and friendly in use.

The main idea is to enable the development team to focus on the code rather than preparing the environment and infrastructure.

For a quick start, we prepared a sandbox. where you can start development and get the result in the cloud in a couple of minutes.

OpenFaaS supports both functions and microservices. if you just have a dockerfile - ok you can start with it.
There are just three steps build-ship-run or principle Source to URL.
You just coding, pushing and get it worked by URL.
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