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18Forty Podcast
Aug 16, 2021
Rav Judah Mischel: A Change in Progress [Teshuva 1/5]
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In this episode of the 18Forty Podcast, we talk to Rav Judah Mischel - executive director of Camp HASC and founder of Tzama Nafshi - about change and teshuva.

Change is one of the most difficult things in life. We often wish we could snap our fingers and choose to live differently, but change usually takes time. We can think of change as a journey rather than a destination.

- How can one appreciate the process of change, the ride, as much as we appreciate the destination?
- How can we navigate the waters between hoping for change and embracing ourselves as we are?

Tune in to hear a conversation on change and teshuva, today.

Tzidkas HaTzadik by Rav Tzadok HaKohen MiLublin https://www.sefaria.org/Tzidkat_HaTzadik.4?lang=bi
Baderech: Along The Path of Teshuvah by Rav Judah Mischel https://mosaicapress.com/product/baderech/
Peninei Halakha by Rav Eliezar Melamed https://www.amazon.com/Peninei-Halakha-Laws-Shabbat-Vol/dp/1592644473

For more, visit https://18forty.org/teshuva/.

Rav Judah Mischel is the executive director of Camp HASC, the founder of Tzama Nafshi, and a widely beloved teacher and travel guide to the soul of Jewish life. Rav Judah’s new book, Baderech: Along the Path of Teshuva, is a poignant road map to the pathways of penitence, so check it out now. Rav Judah joins 18Forty to talk about change, authenticity, and what teshuva means to him.
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