Customer Service Secrets by Kustomer
Bots Vs Human: How to be Successful in AI Customer Experience | Vikas Bhambri, Kustomer
Apr 16, 2020 · 26 min
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In this episode, we get to talk with Vikas Bhambri, the SVP of sales and customer experience at Kustomer. Vikas and I talk about a current buzzword in the customer experience world and that is bots. We often hear people talking about adding bots but what makes a good bot vs. a bad one? What will really help the customers in the long run? Vikas talks about what makes an Intelligent bots and how to make bots meet customer needs rather than one that treats all issues the same. Vikas also talks about how to even start for those just jumping into this world.

Background to Vikas 1:13
Defining a “Bot” 5:32
Customizing Bots to Meet Needs 9:15
Advice for first time Bot users 20:49

“Imagine you bought a robot to clean your house and you only put it in one room of your house and said, ‘learn’. And then you unleashed it on your whole house. You’d probably end up with a wreck… When people create these algorithms, they’re only thinking about one problem area.” 9:15
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