Advice for Codependent Men Series Part 4: Staying on the Right Path
Play • 51 min
Now that you have been enlightened on both the extremes and lie that got you into the codependency state. It’s time to learn how you can begin to really start new and get on the right path. It begins with valuing yourself and this what will talk about and how despite the outside noise that it is very possible with some things that doesn’t cost you anything to move you forward and free you. The shaming and constant tape recordings that are played back in your head doesn’t have to continue to exist. Marcus shares his own personal story and Augustus V echoes with wisdom that will be both profound and sound for immediate change.

About this series

When you are a man, being called needy can hurt. The people pleasing can be deflating and keep you going into an endless circle. Most men are ready to level up their lives but feel a woman and a relationship first is necessary. This deception has been caused by generations of programming and trauma from childhood. It’s time to break free and get what God called you to get in your life. Exercise your authority, gain respect, and happiness.

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