Do You Like Scary Movies? The Murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart
48 min
What is it we like so much about scary movies? Is it the adrenaline rush, the excitement?
That’s part of it, for sure. But it’s also the fact that unlike the screaming victims running for
their lives on screen, we know we’re safe. Michael Myers might be relentlessly evil and
impossible to kill, but he’s also stuck over there in movie-land where he can’t get us. I think
that’s why stories like the one we’re about to tell you are so unsettling. When a killer decides
to bring a horror movie plot to life, it’s like he’s…breaking an unwritten code. Leaving us
nowhere to run. No safe place. This is Do You Like Scary Movies? The Murder of Cassie Jo

Your Worst Nightmare, "When The Lights Go Out"
Copycat Killers, "Scream"
Murder Among Friends, Stick to the Plan
Unmasked, "The Final Scream"

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Crimes & Consequences - Hardcore True Crime
Crimes & Consequences - Hardcore True Crime
Crimes & Consequences - Hardcore True Crime
EP60: Brittany Killgore's BDSM Nightmare
Brittany Killgore was a beautiful 22-year-old woman married to Marine Cory Killgore. Originally from Pennsylvania, she moved to Fallbrook, California, near the Camp Pendleton base. While there, Cory got sent to Afghanistan and their marriage fell apart. In 2012, she filed for divorce and started packing to move back east. Before she left, she really wanted to go on a dinner cruise called the Hornblower that her best friend Liz told her about. Brittany Killgore knew Louis Perez, his girlfriend Dorothy Maraglino and her best friend Jessica Lopez, through Liz. Louis, Dorothy and Jessica were into the BDSM lifestyle. Together, they shared a dark fantasy of kidnap, rape, torture and murder. On April 14, 2012, they decided to act out this fantasy. They tricked Brittany into believing she was going on the dinner cruise with Louis, but it didn't take long for Brittany to realize something was very wrong. Ten minutes after being picked up by Louis to go on the dinner cruise, she texted a friend "Help." That was the last anyone ever heard from her. Don't forget to subscribe/follow us on your favorite app! Help support Crimes & Consequences by becoming a member and getting all of our exclusive online episodes, access to live episodes, bonus content, and more by going to You can get more information on this story by going to our website IG: @tntcrimespodcast Facebook: @tntcrimespodcast
54 min
Murder In The Rain
Murder In The Rain
Murder In The Rain
The Beginning To Her End
In today’s case, Emily will talk about how childhood bullying can be more dangerous than hurt feelings and tears. The impact of bullying stretches from depression and anxiety, to alcohol and drug abuse, and in some cases, the trauma is too much to come back from. This is one of those stories; how a teenage decision to get a little bit of revenge impacts an entire community. This is the story of Reena Virk and how a group of peers lured her out and attacked her. For additional information and sources visit this week’s MITR blog ( ). This week’s promo is from The Shattered Window ( ). The creators of Morbidology and CrimeLapse come together to bring you this new podcast series that dives into the unsolved murder of Jaclyn Dowaliby. Check out The Shattered Window, out now wherever you listen to Murder in the Rain. If you are clamoring for more MITR, join us on Patreon ( ) ! You’ll get social media shout-outs, access to additional episodes, more bloopers and more! Sources Rebecca Godfrey - Under the Bridge ( ) | Kathryn McMaster - Kids Who Kill: Kelly Ellard & Warren Glowatski ( ) | CHEK - Horrifying Reena Virk Murder in Victoria ( ) | Global News - Timeline Reena Virk ( ) | Sheila Batacharya - Girl Violence ( ) | Wikipedia - Young Offenders Act ( ) | Times Colonist - The Horror We Shouldn't Forget ( ) | YouTube - WikiVidi Documentary Murder of Reena Virk ( ) | CBC - Suman Virk Mother of Murdered Teen Reena Virk Died in Tragic Accident (,%20the%20mother%20of,and%20drowned%20by%20her%20peers. ) | BBC News - Obituary Suman Virk ( ) | National Post - Convicted Killer Kelly Ellard ( ) | Bullying Statistics - Teenage Bullying ( ) | Stop Bullying - Facts About Bullying ( ) | The Sun - Daisy Coleman ( ) | Paradigm Treatment - 9 ways to Prevent Teenage Bullying ( ) | Stop Bullying - Get Help Now ( ) | Area Vibes - Saanich BC ( ) | Wikipedia - Saanich (,_British_Columbia ) | Wikipedia - View Royal ( ) | Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
56 min
True Crime Couple
True Crime Couple
True Crime Couple
Episode 90: Skyla Whitaker and Taylor Paschal-Placker | Murdered at Bad Creek Bridge
Trigger Warning: This episode contains violence against children In Weleetka, OK two best friends were enjoying an end of the school year sleepover when they were senselessly murdered less than half a mile away from one of their homes. The crime went unsolved for years. Another tragic murder brought their killer to light. However, there are still many unanswered questions regarding just what happened at Bad Creek Bridge. DISCLAIMER: I am 110% aware I mispronounced the name of the accused. I completely apologize. The correction is made at the end of the episode. (Thank you in advance for your mercy!) Sponsors: Best Fiends - Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play Sources: Court Transcripts of STATE OF OKLAHOMA vs. SWEAT, KEVIN JOE MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE - 21 O.S. 701.7
1 hr 17 min
Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast
Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast
Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast
140: Paul Merhige Thanksgiving Massacre- Part 1
Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day to celebrate family and give thanks for what you have.  However, Paul Michael Merhige turned his family Thanksgiving day into a massacre.  Was it his mental illness or a meticulously planned act? Part 1 of 2 Check out our Patreon page ( and support the show for immediate access to part 2, ad-free episodes, bonus episodes and much more! Hang with us: Follow Us on Instagram ( Like Us on Facebook ( Join our Case Discussion Group on Facebook (   Get Killer Queens Merch (   Bonus Episodes ( Support Our Sponsors:  BetterHELP: Visit and get 10% off your first month.  Prose: Visit for 15% off your order of custom hair care. Blind Dating from Parcast: Cozy up and listen in! New episodes air weekly, every Wednesday. You can find and follow BLIND DATING free on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Check out more Parcast shows on Spotify by searching for "Parcast" in the Spotify search bar. Or go to Music provided by Steven Tobi ( Logo designed by Sloane Williams of The Sophisticated Crayon ( . © 2020 Killer Queens Podcast ( . All Rights Reserved.
1 hr 1 min
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