Remodel vs New Build | Nostalgic or Fresh?
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Today’s topic is about the ever present question: New Build or Remodel. We get a lot of questions about this so we've decided to discuss this subject and help you guys understand what to focus on when considering either option. Cory tells about his DIY remodel and the ongoing challenges he faced and his vote is on a new build. Sue however, just bought and is in the process of remodeling because she likes the sentimentality and nostalgia that goes into a remodel. WIth a new build, it gives people the opportunity to start fresh and assures the buyer that everything will work. While some people love to have a space that contains memories and feel the challenges are worth the trade-off.

“When we're starting to work with a client and we're building a new home, we ask them, ‘Do you have anything from your previous home you want us to catalogue and make sure we include?’ And the majority of the time they say, ‘No, we want to start all over.’ And in my heart I kind of sink a little bit because I'm like, ‘Dang it.’ They've obviously invested in pieces, but none of it is important enough. There’s no memory tied to it to bring it to this new house.” 33:09

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Cory’s remodel 7:04
One of the hard things about a remodel 12:49
New Construction 18:35

“We've worked with people, often when we're starting to work with a client and we're building a new home, we ask them, ‘Do you have anything from your previous home you want us to catalogue and make sure we include?’ And the majority of the time they say, ‘No, we want to start all over.’ And in my heart I kind of sink a little bit because I'm like, ‘Dang it.’ They've obviously invested in pieces, but none of it is important enough. There’s no memory tied to it to bring it to this new house.” 33:09
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The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria
The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria
Matt Cicoria
Looking Back on the Beginning: Session 1 Five Years Later
I've known that the 5th anniversary of the podcast has been coming up for quite some time now, and I've been wracking my brain on how best to commemorate this milestone. After considering a few different options, I eventually decided that there was no better place to start than by looking back at the first episode of Behavioral Observations, my interview with Dr. Greg Hanley. In this episode, we discussed the origins of what is now called the Practical Functional Assessment approach, back when it was referred to as the IISCA. I wanted to replay this show for a few reasons. First, even though the PFA process has gone through many refinements over the last few years, in this episode, Greg describes the factors that led him to deviate from the Standard Functional Analysis procedure. I think that part of the show on its own is worth revisiting. The second reason for sharing this conversation again is that every day new listeners are coming in contact with the show. While I get emails from some of them who tell me that they binge the back catalog, with nearly 150 shows, I don't expect that everyone is going to subject themselves to that. Lastly, this particular episode is the most downloaded episode when compared to all the other shows I've published. As of this writing, the show has been downloaded over 56,000 times. About 15,000 times more than the second-most downloaded show (which by the way, is Session 7, again with Greg... want to guess who's in the third-most downloaded show?). So for all those reasons and more, I hope you enjoy this episode, whether it is for the first time, or if you're dusting it off for a re-listen. On a broader note, I'd like to talk for a minute about my thoughts on the show turning five. It's not an understatement when I tell you that creating this podcast has been a life-changing experience for me. Most certainly life-changing in a professional sense, and very likely from a personal one as well. With regard to the former, starting the show really re-energized my passion for the field at a time when I was teetering on the brink of burnout (before burnout became a fashionable term). With regard to the latter, I've met several hundred people and made some amazing friends throughout this journey. And when milestones like these come up, it is incredibly overwhelming to think through all of the people who've helped me make this show happen. First, there are so many people who have been listeners and supporters since Session 1. People who've listened to every single episode... all of my filler words, awkward silences, vocal fry, the whole nine yards. I once had someone actually take data on my filler words and would send it to me from time to time. That's dedication! All kidding aside, this show would've quietly faded out over time if it wasn't for the support and encouragement from you, the listener. I'm also grateful to everyone who shares episodes with friends and co-workers. And of course supervisors and professors who who force their mentees and students to consume this content. It is both amazing and gratifying that this fun side project is helping people learn more about the science we all know and love. I've had countless people and organizations support the show financially, whether by purchasing CEUs*, subscribing to my Patreon membership, sponsoring episodes, or inviting me to speak at events. To be perfectly candid, the ability to generate some revenue from Behavioral Observations allows me to put more time into the show, and I'm grateful for everyone who has helped me do just that. It is always a danger to list specific people to thank in situations like these, as it is all too easy to inadvertently leave someone out. As such, I've chosen to limit my shoutouts to one person in particular: my friend John Corley. John is not a Behavior Analyst, but he is a programmer and all around tech-savvy guy. I shared the idea of a podcast with him over a few beers, and he relentlessly encouraged me to follow through with it. In fact, he helped me set up my website, the podcast's RSS feed, showed me the basics of GarageBand, and lots more. He remains on standby to me whenever I have a bug or glitch that needs sorting out. John Corley and me ~ 2017 So huge thanks to both John, and everyone else who has played a part in getting this show to nearly 2.5 million downloads in these last five years. I could say thank you a million times and it wouldn't be enough. I look forward to sharing these conversations with you for the next five years and beyond! * The 2021 Virginia Association for Behavior Analysis Conference! This year's VABA conference is April 15th and 16th. While this will be a safe and socially-distanced in-person event, it will also be available online, so don't worry if you're not local to the Virginia area. If you do sign up for it, use the promo code, GOMBU - a nod to conference sponsor, Mary Baldwin University, to save at checkout. * Also, I'm throwing a 5-year anniversary sale for all BOP CEU events. Get 55% off all CEU events by using the promo code "fiveyears." This offer expires at the end of February, 2021. Don't need CEU's, but want to get ad-free podcasts, access to bonus content, member Q & A zooms, and more? Consider joining the BOP Patreon Group. For more info, check out!
1 hr 6 min
The Montessori Notebook podcast :: a Montessori parenting podcast with Simone Davies
The Montessori Notebook podcast :: a Montessori parenting podcast with Simone Davies
Simone Davies, Montessori teacher and parent
S1 E12 Your Montessori questions answered by me
Happy to be back with another Q&A episode. So many valuable questions, it was hard to choose! I've selected the most commonly asked questions as well as a few less often asked but useful to answer as I haven't seen them often discussed elsewhere. In this episode I answer your questions about: * when you learn about Montessori, make some changes, and things seem to be getting worse rather than better * how much to let our children play independently and how much to do together like cooking, playing football together etc * how much to show our child how to play with an activity vs letting them explore for themselves * a child who has never put away toys and when asked says, "you do it" * training to become a Montessori teacher * whether picture to picture matching is a Montessori activity or not * ideas for integrating Montessori into the early infant days * dealing with a toddler who is avoiding bedtime and using every excuse and getting up constantly * not interfering with the child and observing them, but feeling like they could be doing something more interesting or meaningful themselves * dealing with family who buy lots of battery-powered toys without being ungrateful * what to do when friends have battery-powered toys and merchandised toys that you don't allow them at home * how to arrange a sleeping area for a newborn and 3 year old * what I recommend as a crash course for beginners * applying Montessori with children with special needs, ie, physical and learning difficulties * what type of children Montessori is best for * how to talk to a family member who cares for your infant but is not in agreement with the Montessori approach * talking with a young child about upcoming medical procedures, scars etc * finding space for Montessori with a 4 year old and 6 month old in a small space * what to do when your 18-month old keeps getting to the sink to play with water * dealing with a child screaming with frustration So many fun questions, right? I hope you all find some useful answers to your Montessori questions. Sadly this episode of the podcast is the last of Season 1. That went by so quick! I don't yet have a date for Season 2, but if you'd like to be kept up to date, be sure to subscribe here to receive my regular e-newsletter with the latest news and always packed full of Montessori inspiration. And in the meantime, there are also lots of podcast episodes in this season to listen to or revisit, you can follow me on Instagram, check out the blog and free resources, and there are lots of online courses to explore too. Til Season 2! Watch this space... *Links from this episode * Click here for full show notes: Want even more Montessori inspiration? - website: - instagram: - facebook: - my online courses: themontessorinoteb<
1 hr 2 min
The Art of Decluttering
The Art of Decluttering
Amy Revell & Kirsty Farrugia
Nuts & Bolts
Are you the keeper of the tools in your house? Maybe it's your partner or housemate? Regardless of who's in charge of them, if they aren't easily accessible or you can never find them when you need them - this episode is for you!! Today (as our cleverly chosen episode title may have already tipped you off) we are talking all things tools! From power tools, to hand held tools; even down to all those nuts, bolts and screws that might be rolling around the garage floor... Tune in for all our tips and tricks for decluttering and organising your tools in the way that best serves your family! In this episode we: ● Discuss the main categories of tools and fasteners and who is in charge of these in the Revell and Farrugia households; ● Encourage you to borrow or hire large tools that you might need only once or infrequently; ● Suggest many different places for passing along those tools that are still in great working order but you no longer need; ● Remind you to practice habits!! In particular one of our favourites - Don't put it down, put it away!; ● Highlight how much easier it is to return items to their homes when you are living with less; ● Challenge you to think about how you look for things when creating storage solutions; And so so so so much more... We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face! Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links: ● Garage & Shed Episode ● Sharing and borrowing economy Episode ● Ikea tool set mentioned by Amy ● Like with like Episode ● Lego Episode ● Men's sheds ● Steiner/Montessori ● Homeschooling groups ● Facebook market place Special thanks to Bree Waterson & Guyovccchu for your lovely reviews!! If you live in Michigan or we’ve transformed your life then you're up for writing us a review!! Join our community ● Our website The Art of Decluttering ● Become a Patron with Patreon – your monthly support makes a huge difference to us being able to produce this podcast. Support can be as little as $1 a month! ● Follow us on Instagram ● Follow us on Facebook ● Join our Facebook group ● Leave a review on Apple...   See for privacy and opt-out information.
30 min
Yoga | Birth | Babies
Yoga | Birth | Babies
Deb Flashenberg and Independent Podcast Network
Community Birth Story: Accepting A Change of Plans with Caroline Williams
Sharing community birth stories offers an intimate connection between one parent and another. Sharing birth stories can be a form of childbirth education, as it helps to remove fear of the unknown and bring confidence, power and courage to those awaiting the transition from pregnancy to parenthood.  In this episode of Yoga| Birth |Babies, we hear the birth story of community member, yoga teacher, and founder of The Abbey, Caroline Williams. Caroline shares the challenges of early pregnancy, the life changing events she experienced while pregnant, and why she needed to adapt her birth plans during labor. Caroline beautifully explains the flexibility and resilience needed not just for birth but for the role as a parent.  Support Our Sponsors: About 1 in 8 mothers have PPD and it can affect not only the mother but also the whole family. The Skylark Clinical trial is studying a potential medicine for women with PPD. For more information about the study and to see if you or a loved one might be eligible visit Make life a bit easier and Go to and use the code 90ybb to get $90 off including free shipping!” Enjoy Green Chef The #1 Meal Kit for Eating Well That’s Get the most out of each episode by checking out the show notes with links, resources and other related podcasts at:  If you love what you’ve been listening to, please leave a rating and review! Yoga| Birth|Babies To connect with Deb and the PYC Community:  Instagram & Facebook: @prenatalyogacenter Youtube: Prenatal Yoga Center Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
1 hr 2 min
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