How Workplace Petty Tyrants Make You Sick and Dumb and How to Break Away From Management Oppression
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They are responding to feedback from systems designed to make them act that way and operating on limited information, which results in their primal instincts filling in the gap. This is expected because they are at risk of losing their lives too. This manifests as a lack of intellect and nuance, more force and control, and worse pathologies. They give occurrences, force people to pee in water bottles, and stomp over workers’ and customers’ rights like their life depends on it, because it does in their . Hurting you helps the company, who is their protector and source, hence protecting them. The person giving the orders knows what they are doing, all this person knows is that it is what they must do and that they must do even more to meet the priorities of the primary tyrant. If they had more intellect in the moment, they may know better and get creative.
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