EP357: How Can We Be the Same Enneagram Type—But Also SO Different?? Learn Why Here!
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Have you run across somebody with the same Enneagram type as you and thought, ‘But we’re SO different?’
That can be confusing and may even make you question the usefulness of the Enneagram as a tool for personal growth.
But there is more to the Enneagram and more to YOU than just your core type. And if you understand its full framework, you can appreciate how two individuals with the same type might present very differently.
On this episode of Lead with the Enneagram, I share 6 reasons why people of the same core type might show up differently, describing how your level of health affects the way you express your Enneagram type.
I explain how your instinctual subtype influences the way you present your Enneagram type and challenge you to lean into your growth number and learn to use both of your wings in a healthy way. Listen in to understand when you take on the characteristics of your stress number and learn what your tritype reveals about the way you dominate in each of the three centers of intelligence.
What You Will Learn
6 reasons why people with the same Enneagram type present differently
How to ensure you’ve been typed correctly
How your level of health impacts the way you show up as your Enneagram type
How your instinctual subtype—self-preservation, one-on-one or social—influences the way you respond to life circumstances
Why I recommend learning to use both of your wings in a healthy way
How leaning into your growth number affects the energy you bring to your Enneagram type
When we take on the characteristics and coping mechanisms of our stress number
What your tritype reveals about the way you dominate in all 3 centers of intelligence, i.e.: feeling, thinking and instinctive
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