EP356: Using Your Stress Number on the Enneagram to Help Eliminate Shame and Self-Sabotage
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How do you behave under stress? Do you act out in a way you’re not proud of? Maybe you do things that are out of character? Or even sabotage yourself?
Before I had the framework of the Enneagram, stressful times often led me down a shame spiral.
But now that I understand why I go into my stress number when I’m overwhelmed, I can use the gifts of that Enneagram type to pull myself out—without beating myself up for it or causing any further damage.
On this episode of Lead with the Enneagram, I explain why we connect with our stress number when all hell breaks loose, sharing the example of how an Enneagram 8, under pressure, can look like an unhealthy 5.
I walk you through the stress numbers for each of the 9 Enneagram types and explore the consequences of embodying an unhealthy version of your stress number in challenging times.
Listen in for insight on tapping into the gifts of your particular Enneagram stress number and learn how to avoid shame and self-sabotage when the going gets tough!
What You Will Learn
How the Enneagram can help you avoid shame and self-sabotage
Why we connect with our Enneagram stress number when all hell breaks loose
The consequences of embodying an unhealthy version of our stress number
The stress numbers associated with each of the 9 Enneagram types
Why an Enneagram 8 under stress looks like an unhealthy 5
How I use the gifts of my Enneagram stress number to pull me out of isolation
How to use your stress number to navigate challenging times
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