EP355: Don’t Shut the Door on the Past—Most of Your Answers to Transform Your Life Are Right There
Play • 25 min
Do you regret the past? Or harbor resentment toward people who caused you pain?
You may be tempted to shut the door on the past. But what if acknowledging what happened and understanding how it shaped you is the first step in transforming your life?
On this episode of Lead with the Enneagram, I share the not-so-positive parts of my past and explain how childhood beliefs shape our actions and hold us back from the life we want.
I discuss how the Enneagram helps us understand why we do what we do on a motivational level and describe how to look at your past with compassion, empathy and grace.
Listen in for insight on using your experiences to benefit others and learn why owning your past is the key to creating long-term change.
What You Will Learn
Why we shouldn’t regret the past or try to shut the door on it
How we’re bombarded with marketing that triggers our pain points and then offers a quick fix
How acknowledging the past allows us to take effective action toward long-term change
How to look at the past with compassion, empathy and grace
How the Enneagram helps us understand the motivation behind why we do what we do
How childhood beliefs shape our actions, keeping us stuck, sick or shamed (and what to do about it) How to use the Enneagram to take inventory of your relationships
The harm in holding onto resentment and how the Enneagram can help you move through it faster How we can use our experiences to benefit others
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