EP326: The Best Version of Your Multi-Passionate, High Achieving Self and Living Your Best Life with Rebecca Cafiero (Enneagram 7)
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Enneagram 7s, known as the Enthusiastic Visionaries, possess a unique ability to see endless possibilities and pursue multiple passions with fervor.
However, without creating the right conditions for their ideas to flourish, their boundless energy can seem like a shower of glitter that fails to stick.
While being multi-passionate can be a blessing, it can also be a curse for Enneagram 7s, who fear being confined or limited in any way.
Because to realize their full potential, they must find a way to balance their enthusiasm with practicality.
So how can they develop a plan to share their magic with the world? And how can the rest of us learn from their willingness to explore the unknown to help us discover our own unique gifts and unleash our full potential?
Today on the show, Rebecca Cafiero (Enneagram 7) joins me to talk about how having multiple passions can be both a gift and a challenge. She shares her personal journey from burnout to discovering how to listen to her body and intuition, which led to positively impacting the lives of many women.
We'll explore how I worked with her using the tools of the Enneagram to help her unleash her full potential, produce her best work, and improve her relationship with her husband.
Listen in as Rebecca shares how she leverages the Enneagram framework to achieve results for the women in her mastermind, as well as insights on how embracing your uniqueness and getting clear on your transformational value can lead to creating a successful business.
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What You Will Learn
How being multi-passionate can be both a gift and a challenge for Enneagram 7s
The importance of discerning whether a decision is motivated by passion or avoidance of negative feelings.
How the Enneagram can help you honor both your nervous system and intuition by providing a framework to understand yourself
The importance of listening to your intuition and paying attention to the body's signals
How Enneagram 7s can manage the transition from enthusiastic visionary to quiet specialist and stay focused on their goals
The benefits of utilizing the Enneagram (with your clients, friends, and family) to accelerate transformation
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