We Wonder
We Wonder
Dec 13, 2020
Third Sunday in Advent: The Light of the World
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Today is the third Sunday in Advent, and our reading is from Luke 7:18-28. 

John’s parents knew that he would grow up to be an important prophet. The Bible tells us that God was with him in a special way, even when he was very little, and that people all over Israel were talking about him. I wonder what it was like for John to grow up, knowing that he would have the job of preparing people for God to come close? I wonder how he came close to God himself, to get ready for his work?

I wonder why Jesus said to the people who were following him that no one more important than John had been born? 

I wonder why Jesus also said that the littlest and least person in God’s kingdom is more important than John? Can I believe that I am that important to God?

In a different gospel book, John says, “Jesus must become more important. I must become less important.” John was Jesus’s cousin: I wonder what he saw in Jesus, or felt when he was around Jesus, that helped him say that?

In Advent, we are like John. We know that God has promised to be with us again, and we know that God always keeps promises: but we don’t know when those promises will come true. I wonder, can I ask God to help me look around and see, right now, the places where Jesus’s Spirit is at work? Where are people being healed, or getting new chances, or hearing good news? 

And I wonder: what am I still waiting for Jesus to make right? Can I practice waiting and hoping for Jesus’s promise to return and make all things new?

Will you pray with me?

Loving God, you sent John the Baptist to announce that you are coming to us. You gave him your Spirit, so that he could call out to us to turn around, get ready, and see your coming light. And then you showed him the kind of work you came to do: giving sight to the blind; life to the dead; good news to the poor. Help us hear your words today and rejoice in your coming. Make us ready to welcome you, Lord Jesus; come and be with us again. 

We Wonder is written and hosted by Sarah Dahl; produced by Richard Clark; and engineered by Nick Thompson and Noah Kirby. You can keep in touch with us on Instagram and Twitter by following @wewonderpod, or read more at wewonderpod.com. Thanks so much for listening, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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