How will Suzuki move on from Brivio?
Play • 26 min
In the first Tank Slappers Podcast of 2021, Autosport's Lewis Duncan and's Oriol Puigdemont discuss what Davide Brivio's shock Suzuki exit will do to the team and how it plans to forge ahead. They also talk about what effect COVID-19 will have in the early months of MotoGP 2021 and look into Dovizioso's comments about his Ducati exit.
Fratello Watches
Fratello on Air: Supposedly Rare and Exclusive Watches
We touch on a topic that's top of mind for many watch collectors and that's this idea of rare and exclusive watches. We have so many questions! Is it foolish when we call a watch such as the Submariner "rare"? Would we snap up a steel Rollie at retail? Do we think this current trend of finding scores of supposedly unobtainable watches on the grey market is a bit ridiculous? What do we think about burgeoning brands like MING or Unimatic that purposely limit production? And finally, how does early aughts rapper Fat Joe come into this? Before hitting the main topic, the trio review the cornucopia of watches on their respective wrists. * Jorg brings his "grab and go" Unimatic Modello Uno U1-F, a watch from a brand that only makes limited editions * Balazs is sporting his vintage Rolex GMT-Master 1675, a watch always said to be rare and exclusive! * Mike goes unconventional with this Seiko Think the Earth Wn-1, a wild 45mm watch from all the way back in 2006 We touched on the upcoming Watches & Wonders to be held on April 7 — 13 to be held on a computer screen near you and not in Geneva. We'll get to see all the new releases from the likes of Rolex, Patek, and more. This derailed us a bit and set up our main topic on supposedly rare watches, but not before we discuss the fact that none of us are enthralled with the current Explorer II. Thanks for listening and if you have ideas for new shows, don't hesitate to contact us. And remember, don't lick your sneakers or your watches!
1 hr 3 min
ClevelandMoto Motorcycle Podcast  / Cleveland Moto
ClevelandMoto Motorcycle Podcast / Cleveland Moto
Phil Waters
ClevelandMoto #316 Rules for the Build-A-Bike Challenge (aka nobody is happy)
Today Phil drops the rules and what we have to do for the ClevelandMoto Build-A-Bike Challenge. Cheaters be damned!    With host Phil Waters, Sleepy Cinch, Dan Kromke, John McElfresh, Chris Smith, Nick Divitto and Steve GSG Hoffert .  RULES FOR THE BUILD-a-BIKE Challenge 1:Each builder will work alone, on the bike they randomly selected. The bikes are identical aside from color, they are all factory sealed, nothing has been removed or added to the crates.  2: Builders are strongly recommended to bring their own tools. Shop tools are provided (2 sets) but access will be controlled.   a: Shop tools will be loaned 1 at a time on a 1 for 1 loan/return basis.  b: All tools will be sanitized by the Tool Handler.  3: Each contestant will have access to the Floor Judge for one 5 minute session to assist with their build.  a: when the Floor Judge says your time is up, it's up.  4: Each Builder must operate only within their 10'x10' work area.  a: tools outside of your work area will be penalized.  b: bike or parts outside of the work area will be penalized.  5: The Floor Judge can issue immediate penalties that may be Malort or adding time to your total build as they see fit. a: Shenanigans like stealing parts or tools from other builders will not be tolerated.  b: Impeding another builder in any way will be falled down upon with great vengance and extreme wrath. The other builders will choose your fate. God have mercy on your soul.  6: Each Builder must have their own Zoom equipped device that can run for 1.5 hours (or have a plug/cord). It must be able to run on Clevelandmoto's wifi. 7: We're all friends, no lawsuits or being a jerk. We know there are risks involved.  8: Builders will supply their own PPE and eye protection etc. Masks when in the common areas (outside of your build area). Masks are not required outdoors. If you're not feeling well. Take a pass. We don't want to get sick because you're a hero.  9: Phil will judge the quality / accuracy of your build. It's not up for debate. If you've made an error you will have a chance to correct it after your clock is restarted. a:  All remedial work must be followed by an inspection and another test ride.  b: There will be a 3rd party time manager who will keep track of everyone's build on 6 individual stop watches.  c: There will also be a group clock so folks can get an idea of how they're doing.  10: All bikes will be totally completed, fueled, started, adjusted, idled, and inspected and taken for a very short off-road test ride before the timer is stopped. Support the show (
2 hr 11 min
Bring Back V10s - Classic F1 stories
Bring Back V10s - Classic F1 stories
The Race Media Ltd
S3 E8: The end of Lotus, with Johnny Herbert
Johnny Herbert joins Bring Back V10s to revisit the final year of Lotus in 1994, when the team sadly bowed out of F1 without even scoring a point. Herbert, Glenn Freeman and Edd Straw go through Lotus's entire final season in great detail, from starting the year with a C-spec version of its 1992 car, with an ageing "dumbell" of an engine, which was finally replaced at the Italian Grand Prix - where Johnny famously qualified fourth. Johnny and Edd both offer their theories on where he could have finished that day at Monza, were it not for a heartbreaking punt from Eddie Irvine at the start. The following day Lotus went into administration. We also look at McLaren's attempts to sign Johnny at the start of 1994, how the team was affected by its own incidents on F1's horrific Imola weekend, and Johnny recounts in amazing detail what he encountered when he arrived at the scene of team-mate Pedro Lamy's terrifying airborne accident in testing at Silverstone shortly after the San Marino GP. He also explains why even the new Lotus 109 wasn't any fun to drive, and how Lotus's miserable season left him not even wanting to drive the car. Eventually Johnny was snapped up by Ligier and then Benetton, but he watched from afar as Lotus limped on without him, before it was bought by David Hunt, who had to shut the team down a month later. ASK US ANYTHING: Get your questions in for our series finale - ask us anything about F1 from 1989-2005 by using #BringBackV10s on Twitter!
1 hr 42 min
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