Hope Inside Out
Julie Thomas
Could anything good come from a place of brokenness? In the Hope Inside Out Podcast, Julie Thomas offers a compelling interpretation of a real time battle with depression. The indelible stories of her raw struggle with depression, present a hope that equips us to reshape the way one could come at the perplexities of depression. Do we have to strive to escape from depression? Or is there a way to overcome it with hope? Hope Inside Out will tell you, there is! Julie understands this battle from a personal level seeing as she has had to walk through it all - the fears, pains and shame. She points us to God and draws a defining connect between our own vulnerabilities and the vulnerabilities of some of our Bible heroes. She motivates us to call out the stigma of mental illness and kindles a hope for the future, in us and through us. No doubt, we all want freedom from the scourging mental agony. But, what if an imminent exit is not available? Join Julie, as she takes us through the route of approaching depression, from the inside-out!
Hope Inside Out
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