Shall We Proceed? Podcast w/E. Leese
Shall We Proceed Podcast
This is the BEST place for purposeful content on RELATIONSHIPS, SOCIETY & CULTURE, and HEALTH & WELLNESS. Would you like to sit back and listen to a show that feels like you are with your best friend? Well that is exactly what Shall We Proceed is! Come on over, have a seat, drink, let me fix you a plate, and let's discuss LIFE & RELATIONSHIPS! Judgement free podcast were every topic is encouraged and ready for SAFE CONVERSATION. Guest and I will discuss all things pertaining to the ups and downs of "Adutling", the betterment of society, and random discussions about life and this world. Mental Wellness, Creating Positive Platforms, Survival, and Society is the focus~ With a safe space feel. Join in! Follow! Share! Want to be a guest, or know someone, please send all inquiries, and advertising, opportunities, to: or call 832-409-1221 #ShallWeProceedPodcast #ELeeseTableTalks #CreatorInfluencer #SexyPodcaster #PodcastingWhileBlack #BlackSmartAndSexy #GameChanger #BlackPodcaster #AdultingAndShit #HoustonPodcaster #BlackExcellence #JamesBrownOfPodcasting #ConversationStarter
Shall We Proceed? Podcast w/E. Leese
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