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Will A Serial Killer Soon Walk The Streets Again?
Don Miller was quiet and reserved. As a former youth pastor, he seemed a devout Christian. No one would have ever suspected that the recent graduate of the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice was a serial killer.
However, when Miller was arrested for the attempted murder of two teenagers in 1978, police quickly realized he was probably responsible for the disappearances of four women. Offered a still-controversial plea bargain, he led police to the bodies of the missing women.
Now, after forty years in prison, Miller has served his time and is due to be released into an unsuspecting population. In KILLING WOMEN, author Rodney Sadler examines the crimes, the “justice” meted out, and the impending freedom of a man nationally renowned psychiatrist Dr. Frank Ochberg wrote:
“… is a member of a small, deadly, dangerous population: murderers who stalk, capture, torture and kill; murderers who derive sexual and narcissistic gratification from their predation; murderers who maintain a ‘mask of sanity’ appearing normal and harmless.” KILLING WOMEN: The True Story of Serial Killer Don Miller's Reign of Terror-Rod Sadler
Unresolved Productions
Short Stories #2 (Tony Harrelson & Robert Pillsen-Rahier)
This episode contains two separate, unrelated stories that haven't been reported on much in the past. In October of 2009, 46-year-old Tony Harrelson was shot and killed in Camp Hill, Alabama. A truck driver for the U.S. Postal Service, Tony is believed to have fallen prey to a gunman who had been robbing postal workers throughout eastern Alabama between 2008 and 2009. In July of 1990, 15-year-old Robert Pillsen-Rahier would disappear while spending time at the Cheyenne Mesa Adolescent Treatment Facility in Colorado Springs. While investigators never found any evidence of foul-play, Robert's mother continues to believe that employees of the facility know more than they ever told police. Episode researched, written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan Original music created by Micheal Whelan through Amper Music Theme music created and composed by Ailsa Traves Producers: Roberta Janson, Ben Krokum, Gabriella Bromley, Peggy Belarde, Quil Carter, Laura Hannan, Damion Moore, Brittany Norris, Amy Hampton, Steven Wilson, Scott Meesey, Marie Vanglund, Scott Patzold, Astrid Kneier, Travis Scsepko, Aimee McGregor, Sydney Scotton, Sara Moscaritolo, Sue Kirk, Thomas Ahearn, Bryan Hall, Seth Morgan, Marion Welsh, Jo Wong, Patrick Laakso, Alyssa Lawton, Meadow Landry, Tatum Bautista, Teunia Elzinga, Michele Watson, Ryan Green, Stephanie Joyner, Dawn Kellar, and Elissa Hampton-Dutro Learn more about this podcast at If you would like to support this podcast and others, consider heading to to become a Patron or Producer
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Murderous Minors
Murderous Minors
Minisode: Cousins (Charles Lamar Alexander)
On September 21, 2020, authorities allege that 15-year-old Charles Lamar Alexander shot and killed his 'uncle,' 46-year-old Corey Smith, respected educator and beloved football coach at Miami Senior High School, in Miami, Florida. Charles Alexander is the son of Lamar Alexander, one of the instigators of the 2019 UPS truck hijacking that left Frank Ordonez and Rick Cutshaw dead. This episode is brought to you by Best Fiends and make sure to check out Murderific True Crime Podcast hosted by my friend Bern in the state of Maine- available everywhere. Music: We Talk of Dreams Sources: Ian Margol, Andrea Torres. “FDLE’s update on probe: 20 officers fire weapons during fatal shooting.” March 6, 2020. Andrew Scheinthal. “Family of UPS driver killed in Miramar shootout speaks out amid lawsuit to 6 agencies.” October 8, 2020. David J. Neal. “Civilian victims in UPS truck shootout sue Miami-Dade police, FHP and 4 other agencies.” September 16, 2020. David K. Lee. “In UPS-hijacking gun battle in Florida that killed two, nearly 200 shots were fired.” December 19, 2020. Adriana Gomez Licon, Terry Spencer, Curt Anderson. “Slain UPS driver’s family questions police response to chase.” December 6, 2019. Justin Case, Jack Lowenstein. “Robber killed after stealing UPS truck did similar crime in 2008.” December 6, 2020. Alex Johnson. “Chase, shootout involving UPS truck in Florida lead to 4 deaths.” December 6, 2019. David Ovalle, Alex Harris. “FBI identifies robbers killed in UPS truck hijack and shootout.” December 6, 2020. Charles Rabin. “Teen charged as an adult in murder of his uncle, Miami High football coach Corey Smith.” October 13, 2020. David Ovalle, Charles Rabin. “Cops: Teen murdered Miami High Coach Corey Smith, stole $7,450 cash. He’s under arrest.” September 24, 2020. Christian De La Rosa, Saira, Anwer. “Detectives arrest teenaged suspect in high school football coach’s murder.” September 24, 2020. Ian Margol. “Coach killed by 15-year-old ‘nephew,’ police say; more than $7000 found in boy’s jeans.” September 25, 2020.
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Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast
Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast
Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast
133: Andrei Chikatilo- Part 1
Part 1 of 2.  Andrei Chikatilo was a Russian serial killer who frequently dismembered or ate parts of his victims who ranged in age from 7-45.  His victims largely consisted of runaways who weren’t being reported missing and that no one was looking for and this (among other things) helped him evade capture for years. Want part 2 early and ad-free? Support us on Patreon ( ! You'll get Part 2 IMMEDIATELY as well as bonus episodes, ad-free content and more! Support Our Sponsors:  Homer: Kids love the Homer app because it's personalized, fun, and easy for them to use on their own! Research-backed, kid-tested, and parent-approved.  Visit ( to start a free 60-day trial Philo: Philo's got 60+ channels live or on-demand for just $20/mo.  Sign up today at and you’ll get 25% off your first two months! Native: Top Selling Natural Deodorant for Women, Men & Teens. Made With Natural Derived Ingredients You Can Understand. No Aluminum, parabens, sulfates of talc. Go to or use promo code queens at checkout and get 20% off your first order! Hang with us: Follow Us on Instagram ( Like Us on Facebook ( Join our Case Discussion Group on Facebook ( Get Killer Queens Merch ( Bonus Episodes ( Music provided by Steven Tobi ( Logo designed by Sloane Williams of The Sophisticated Crayon ( . © 2020 Killer Queens Podcast ( . All Rights Reserved.
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Dark Topic
Dark Topic
11:59 Media
016 • Little Red Wallet
Berkeley, California, is situated on the east shore of the San Francisco Bay. It’s a picturesque college town, known today for being the most liberal city in the U.S. A decade after the events to be recounted here, Berkeley was the epicenter of the counterculture movement, home to hippies and anarchists who flocked to the Bay Area from around the world. But before free love and bell bottoms gave this California city an identity that lasts even still, it was just another place in the U.S — where families raised children and worked toward the American dream. Even then, it was a beautiful city; its air fragrant with wild poppy and eucalyptus ... yet the dream for some here would melt into wickedness. Even the best home, the best grades, the best life couldn’t save at least one little girl... from something... so big… so bad… a girl who wanted a pet parakeet... and carried a picture of her poodle Hoagy next to photos of her classmate... in her little... red... wallet. ---- *From the archives of* The San Francisco Examiner, Oakland Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle,  San Mateo Times, Roseville Press-Times, Associated Press, Reuters, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, New York Daily News, United Press International, *Book:* Shallow Grave in Trinity County by Harry Farrell. ~ *Researched and Written by F.T Norton* *Hosted and Co-Written by Jack Luna* *Produced by The Operator* See ( ) for privacy and opt-out information. Support this podcast at —
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Dark Poutine - True Crime and Dark History
Dark Poutine - True Crime and Dark History
Dark Poutine / Curiouscast
The Redpath Mansion Mystery
Episode 146: On June 13th 1901, Ada Mills Redpath and her son Jocelyn Clifford Redpath were killed in their mansion in on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal. Ada had been shot to the back of the head. Clifford has a gunshot wound to his the temple. The police were not called. A coroner’s inquest the next day declared the deaths a murder-suicide. Ada and Clifford were buried June 15th without any further investigation. Written By: Josina De Bree Sources: Denton A, Tellez-Zenteno JF. A patient with epilepsy charged with kidnapping, unlawful confinement, and assault causing bodily harm after seizures: Deficiencies in the legal system. Epilepsy Behav Rep. 2020;13:100361. Published 2020 Mar 21. doi:10.1016/j.ebr.2020.100361 Dougall, L. (2019) The Summit House Mystery; Or, The Earthly Purgatory. Good Press. Original work published 1905.  Reuber M, Mackay RD. Epileptic automatisms in the criminal courts: 13 cases tried in England and Wales between 1975 and 2001. Epilepsia. 2008 Jan;49(1):138-45. doi: 10.1111/j.1528-1167.2007.01269.x. PMID: 17727668. Shih JJ, LeslieMazwi T, Falcao G, Van Gerpen J. Directed aggressive behavior in frontal lobe epilepsy: video-EEG and ictal spect case study. Neurology. 2009;73(21):1804-1806. doi:10.1212/WNL.0b013e3181c2933f Devinsky, Orrin. “Postictal psychosis: common, dangerous, and treatable.” Epilepsy currents vol. 8,2 (2008): 31-4. doi:10.1111/j.1535-7511.2008.00227.x Support the show: See for privacy information.
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