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An examination of the unsolved mystery of the Jack the Ripper-style serial killer who terrified early 20th century Atlanta, Georgia.

As Atlanta finished rebuilding after the Civil War, a new horror arose from the ashes to roam the night streets. Beginning in 1911, a killer whose methods mimicked the famed Jack the Ripper murdered at least twenty black women, from prostitutes to working-class women and mothers. Each murder attributed to the killer occurred on a Saturday night, and for one terrifying spring in 1911, a fresh body turned up every Sunday morning. Amid a stifling investigation, slayings continued until 1915. As many as six men were arrested for the crimes, but investigators never discovered the identity of the killer, or killers, despite having several suspects in custody. Join local historian Jeffery Wells as he reveals the case of the Atlanta Ripper, unsolved to this day. THE ATLANTA RIPPER: The Unsolved Case of the Gate City's Most Infamous Murders-Jeffery Wells.
Unresolved Productions
In 2013, a website featuring amateur pornography began making headlines across the United States - and later, the world. Founded by New Zealander Michael Pratt in 2006, GirlsDoPorn was billed early on as "a reality website that features 18-21 year old females making their very first adult videos." For the next decade, Pratt would attempt to build an empire, recruiting his childhood friend Matthew Wolfe in 2011 and aspiring actor Ruben "Andre" Garcia later that same year to help him achieve his goals. But by 2016, dozens of women featured on the site would turn against these three and the other employees of GirlsDoPorn, revealing that they had built nothing more than a criminal enterprise centered around fraud, deceptive practices, and malice... Researched, written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan Original music created by Micheal Whelan through Amper Music Theme music created and composed by Ailsa Traves Producers: Roberta Janson, Ben Krokum, Gabriella Bromley, Peggy Belarde, Quil Carter, Laura Hannan, Damion Moore, Brittany Norris, Amy Hampton, Steven Wilson, Scott Meesey, Marie Vanglund, Scott Patzold, Astrid Kneier, Travis Scsepko, Aimee McGregor, Sydney Scotton, Sara Moscaritolo, Sue Kirk, Thomas Ahearn, Bryan Hall, Seth Morgan, Marion Welsh, Jo Wong, Patrick Laakso, Alyssa Lawton, Meadow Landry, Tatum Bautista, Teunia Elzinga, Michele Watson, Ryan Green, Stephanie Joyner, Dawn Kellar, Elissa Hampton-Dutro, Ryan Durbin, and Sally Ranford Learn more about this podcast at If you would like to support this podcast and others, consider heading to to become a Patron or Producer This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp, who offer online counseling services. Listeners of Unresolved can save 10% on their first month with the discount code "UNRESOLVED." Head to and fill out the introduction questionnaire to let BetterHelp assess your needs and pair you up with a counselor that you'll love.
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Murderous Minors
Murderous Minors
79: Brutal - Hammer Killings (Christopher Churchill; Jordin Roache; Raphael Angel Vargas)
This week on Murderous Minors, we cover 3 brutal hammer murders, including the murder of 14-year-old Kaytlynn Cargill by 16-year-old neighbor Jordin Roache in Bedford, Texas; the murder of Bryan H. Walker by 16-year-old Raphael Angel Vargas in Chesterfield, Virginia and the murders of Jonathan Lloyd, Debra Smith and her 3 young children in Noble, Illinois, by 16-year-old Christopher Churchill. This episode is brought to you by Best Fiends. Music: We Talk of Dreams Sources: Teresa Puente, Chicago Tribune. “Town fets dose of ‘90s reality: 5 brutal killings.” February 17, 1998. Teresa Puente, Chicago Tribune. “Judge tolls names of 5 victims as teen is charged.” February 18, 1998. Michael Pearson, AP. “Killing was stress reliever, defendant told police.” March 9. 1999. “Teen convicted in hammer killings of 5.” March 13, 1999. “Teen sentenced for 5 killings.” April 29, 1999. Kenny Douglass and Jackie Monroe, WFIE. “Illinois man serving life sentences for killings could be resentenced.” April 14, 2016. Arrest warrant Lauren Zakalik, Todd Under and Marjorie Owens. “Body in landfill identified as missing Bedford teen.” June 23, 2017. Scott Gordon, September 1, 2017. “Teen detained in death of 14-year-old Kaytlynn Cargill in Bedford.” “Teen suspected of killing Bedford girl will remain in jail.” September 5, 2017. “North Texas teen to be tried as an adult in girl’s death.” December 20, 2017. “Teen accused in girl’s death moved to adult population at Tarrant County Jail.” April 3, 2018. “Bedford teen accused of bludgeoning Kaytlynn Cargill to undergo mental illness evaluation.” May 22, 2019. Cameron Thompson. “87-year-old man murdered in Chesterfield remembered as ‘gentle and kind’.“ April 3, 2019. Cameron Thompson. “16-year-old charged with murder in death of 87-year-old Chesterfield man.” April 2, 2019. Mark Bowes, Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Teen charged with robbing and killing neighbor, 87, claimed a friend carried out the attack.” June 6, 2019. Ben Orcutt, Chesterfield Observer. “Preservationist’s death leaves neighbors ‘devastated’.” April 3, 2019. Ben Orcutt and Scott Bass, Chesterfield Observer. “Bensley community grapples with the tragic death of Bryan Walker.” April 10, 2019. Rich Griset, Chesterfield Observer. “Teen charged with murder claims friend carried out attack.” June 12, 2019. Mark Bowes, Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Monument honoring slain Chesterfield preservationist unveiled at historical site he worked to protect.” November 22, 2019. Frank Green, Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Juvenile pleads guilty to first-degree murder in death of 87-year-old Chesterfield preservationist.” January 10, 2020. Mark Bowes, Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Chesterfield teen sentenced to 35 years in brutal hammer attack that killed neighbor, 87, a respected preservationist.” July 28, 2020.
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Crawlspace - True Crime & Mysteries
Crawlspace - True Crime & Mysteries
Crawlspace Media
Maggie Freleng on Podcast Journalism LIVE from the Outlier Podcast Festival
Welcome to Crawlspace. In this episode Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna speak with friend and journalist Maggie Freleng about several cases (Maura Murray, John Giuca, and more) and journalism in podcasting live from the Outlier Podcast Festival.  Check out Maggie's new podcast at Check out the Outlier Podcast Fest at Check out and use code CRAWL to get 20% off any purchase! Check out the True Crime Podcaster's Survival Guide at Check out the entire Crawlspace Media Network at Follow Private Investigations For the Missing Check out Crawlspace's Patreon page: Follow Crawlspace Twitter: IG: FB: Apple: Stitcher: Spotify: --- This episode is sponsored by · American Hysteria Show Promotion: American Hysteria is a podcast that explores moral panics, conspiracy theories, urban legends, fantastical thinking and how they have shaped our culture and politics from the Puritans to the present. · Charity Promotion: Democracy Works: This advertisement is part of a charitable initiative in partnership with Democracy Works.
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