My Confidence Feels Like 2 Steps Forward And 1 Step Back
18 min
In true Confidence and Self Esteem style; if you are looking to become more confident or have increased self esteem; you have to get slightly out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself and I'm no different when it comes to this. I'm certainly not prepared to hide behind some carefully edited recording! So as ALWAYS you get the raw - unedited version. Just like with all shows - I need your feedback. Let me know what you want me to talk about what you want to hear. Happy listening
Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware
Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware
Dana Wilde
Marketing Online
Who: Dana Wilde - Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain, Creator of The Celebrity Formula, and Host of Positive Mindset for Entrepreneur What This Show is About: "I Really Hate Marketing. How Can I Grow My Business?" A listener writes in, "I really hate marketing and can't talk myself into liking it. What do I do?" Dana uses straight up logic to help this listener have a mindset shift. Dana Wilde, the #1 bestselling author of Train Your Brain, delivers motivation, marketing ideas, and business tips designed to breakthrough your limiting beliefs, and manifest freedom and success in your business. Dana Wilde goes beyond positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. This podcast is the ultimate in Entrepreneur Mindset. Click here to ask Dana: Please check out our episode notes below... 03:35 - Truth ONE (question one) when it comes to this concept of hating to market your business. 05:30 - Truth TWO (question two) when it comes to this concept of hating to market your business. 07:10 - Discover what the COMMON DENOMINATOR is between successful people. 07:55 - Truth THREE when it comes to this concept of hating to market your business. 08:30 - Find out the part that's SILENT when you are saying "I hate marketing my business." (this silent part is the PROBLEM.) 09:40 - Tune in here to determine HOW to SOLVE this problem (Positive RANT starts at 10:27). Resource from this Episode CLICK HERE for Dana's Marketing Calendar Where to Learn More:
16 min
Manifesting Success Stories A Law of Attraction Show
Manifesting Success Stories A Law of Attraction Show
Cassie Parks
Ep #246: Cassie Parks Manifesting Maven Answers These Questions
Have you ever wanted to ask Cassie a question? Well, Alisa and Safiyya got to do just that! Join your host Cassie Parks as she turns the tables and has Alisa and Safiyya ask their burning questions. The show starts with what's awesome, which includes a lot of supportive husbands. Alisa kicks off the questions by asking about Cassie's Hero's journey. Cassie talks about her call to adventure, her mentor, and her test and trials along the way. Next, Safiyya asks Cassie how practicing manifestation and living intentionally changes as you grow. Cassie answers by explaining that as you grow, your practice changes so that you can continue to go bigger and deeper. Safiyya follows up by asking how Cassie continues to strengthen her trust muscle. Cassie explains that you really start to trust doing stuff when inspired, no matter how strange it may be, and that you trust that there is nothing to lose. Then, Alisa gets personal and asks Cassie about her money manifesting journey. Cassie explains that even though the numbers aren't here yet, she has the life she wanted 5 years ago. The most significant difference is that she now sees all of the ways that the money she wanted will come to her. Finally, Safiyya wraps up the episode by asking Cassie to pinpoint the defining moment where she decided that she was all in with the Law of Attraction and that there was no other way. Cassie tells a story about how a few months after she left her job, she was scripting and saw the path opening up and knew there was no going back. If you ever wanted to get to know Cassie better, then this is must listen to episode!
28 min
Be Positive Stay Positive Podcast
Be Positive Stay Positive Podcast
Nat Barouch
Why Am I So Loud With Positivity?
I'm on a mission to help people find their inner happiness. Keep your thoughts on target with your goals and dreams and do not let others tamper with them at all. Stay on your defined path towards your goal and let no one derail you. If you’re enjoying the show, it’s safe to assume there are others out there like you who would also enjoy the show. Help them find it. Please share this podcast and maybe the person you share it with will overcome that one thing in life they were struggling with. Theme Music by: Robert Schultz • • Schultz Music Publications Check out the Be Positive Stay Positive merchandise. All profits from merchandise go to the book and to maintain the equipment used to produce this show. Please tell me your story. Go to and tell me all about it. I'll discuss it on an upcoming podcast and give you a shout-out on the air. iTunes - Spotify - iHeart - Pandora - Podomatic - Google Play - TuneIn - Stitcher - Player FM - Podbean - Castbox - Podtail - Listen Notes - Chartable - Radio UK - Feedspot - Website - YouTube -" Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Linkedin - #bepositive #positivity #LawOfAttraction #subconsciousmind #self-improvement #infiniteintelligence
8 min
Affirmation Pod
Affirmation Pod
Josie Ong Affirmations
309 Affirmations for Focus
Need to Keep Focused? Set yourself up for successful time management! Use these "Affirmations for Focus" The sister episode to this one is Episode 239 Affirmations for Productivity and Focus Want ad free versions? Go to SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly's AI-powered writing assistant. It works across multiple platforms including Gmail, Google Docs, Slack, LinkedIn and more. Grammarly doesn't just correct your mistakes. It helps you build up your skills as a writer! Get 20% OFF Grammarly Premium when you sign up at WANT MORE EPISODES LIKE THIS ONE? Episode 248 Guided Affirmations to Structure Your Day Episode 27 Discipline (Calling All Procrastinators) Episode 24 Here You Are...Focused Episode 13 Time Management HERE'S WHAT LISTENERS ARE SAYING "To be successful, you need a confident mindset. So much of my confidence comes from listening to Josie's affirmations!" - Vivianne Brafmann "Josie changed my life! Love these affirmations so much. They made me more positive and less reactive." - Ferra Rossa “I listen to these while I'm brushing my teeth or getting a facial. She always drops some nuggets” – Gabrielle Union WANT THE AD FREE EXPERIENCE? Ready to combat negative thinking? Listen to ad free versions on the Affirmation Pod App! Available on the Apple and Google Play app stores. The app is where you can easily make your own favorites playlist, download to listen offline and a whole lot more! When you sign up for premium access, you also get over 50 bonus ad free episodes you won’t hear on the podcast. FAVORITE BONUS EPISODES INCLUDE Resilience Playlist Self-Love Bonus Playlist Changing the Stories You Make Up in Your Head I Can Handle This Slowing Down for Stillness Keeping the Past in the Past Download the app on the Apple and Google Play stores! RELATED LINKS Alexa Skill: Amazon App: Amazon Music: App: App FAQs: Contact: Facebook Group: Facebook Page: Google Play App: Instagram: iOS App: Kids Version: Patreon: Pinterest: Portuguese Version: Premium on Affirmation Pod App: Premium on Podcast Listening Apps*: Request an Episode: Self-Care Worksheet: Sponsors: Spotify Playlists: Stress Management Worksheet: Supercast Tip Jar: Twitter: YouTube: Web Version of App: Website: Thanks for listening to Affirmation Pod today! How can I improve Affirmation Pod for you? Let me know at Now go be you, know you and love you! Josie ❤️🙏🏻✨ Find the App on Apple and Google Play
10 min
Manifestation Babe
Manifestation Babe
Kathrin Zenkina
(#193) My $1,850,000 launch (how I manifested it & got over my revenue plateau)
Hello, my gorgeous souls! This episode has been a LONG time coming. Today, I am going to talk about my $1.85 million launch and how I got over my revenue plateau. Even though I was meant to record and post this episode back in September, I wanted to let it marinate for a couple of months. I wanted to speak from a hindsight perspective after my Rich Babe Academy launch. My goal is to calmly give you a higher perspective on what finally got me to my manifestation goal after two years. I am going to focus on what worked so that you can apply these universal lessons to all aspects of your life! This episode is all about how to get over a MANIFESTATION PLATEAU! If you or someone you know has had similar breakthroughs be sure to tag me @manifestationbabe on Instagram and share this episode with your community to spread the word! I am curious to hear all about your experience. Also, be sure to leave a review on iTunes in order to receive a free manifestation hypnosis. Just screenshot it before submitting and email it to my team at and I will see you in the next episode. In This Episode You Will Learn : The backstory of how I manifested my $1.85 million launch (5.05) How long it took to hit $1 million with my RBA launch (10:10) Tips to break a manifestation plateau (12:15) A mistake I often see people make (20:49) Questions I Answer: What was my first stepping stone launch? (6:20) What lessons did I learn? (11.43) Tip # 1: How to practically sustain your business? (13:57) Tip # 2: What is the power of neutrality? (18:55) Tip # 3: How to manifest the right people? (25:00) Tip # 4: Who I asked to help me with my energetic plateau? (27:17) Tip # 5: How to keep the faith? (32:05) Tip # 6: What is my most important tip? (35:08) Links/Resources Manifestation Babe Links Follow me on Instagram Join our Manifestation Babe community! Visit our website!
43 min
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