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Sexual Fetish Advice Expert | Liz LaPoint
Dec 2, 2018 · 1 hr 25 min
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Sexual fetishes play a major role in many people’s lives but for some people they make no sense. I’m sure many of you have heard of one of the most popular fetishes, the infamous foot fetish. If you are not into feet, this may sound like the craziest thing in the world. Why would someone get off looking at a girl’s sweaty dirty feet? This just sounds like the most bizarre behavior to some people. If you think that is unusual, how about microphilia and macrophilia. What’s that you ask? These are fetishes where people fantasize about being either really small like a toy doll or really big like a giant. I bet you didn’t see that one coming. Some fetishes don’t even have a name but people will commission custom porn companies to create these fantasies. In the book “The Butterfly Effect” by Jon Ronson, he talks to custom porn producers and actresses about films they made for customers. One was a Wonder Woman and Gremlin film where the Gremlin makes Wonder Woman do certain things and has complete control over her. It’s all about keeping Wonder Woman there and making her do things. In one of the scenes, Wonder Woman is lying on the sofa in a bikini and then she decides to leave the house but just then a tiny Gremlin hits her on the back of her head. Wonder Woman is stunned and stays put. Then the Gremlin hypnotizes her and Wonder Woman gets tied up. You may be thinking….how in the world is this a turn on and why would someone pay 10s of 1,000s of dollars to create a film like this. Jon Ronson was curious as well so he contacted the individual. The answer the man provided is a great insight into what can create a fetish. The man said that his Mom left when he was five years old and he only has two memories of her at all. My younger brother and I setting on her suitcase in a closet trying to keep her from picking it up and shortly after being in a neighbor’s front yard with my neighbor’s Mom watching my Mother walk up the street with the suitcase in her hands. WOW….sitting on her suitcase to try to stop his Mom from leaving. How powerful is that? Now hearing about his custom video about a Gremlin hitting Wonder Woman over the head to make her stay doesn’t sound so strange. That is why it’s important to always come from a place of curiosity and not judgment.

Our guest today, Liz LaPoint has an amazing blog and YouTube Channel called The Naked Advice With Liz LaPoint and a fun podcast called CinaMarried that she hosts with her husband. The Naked Advice is a place where Liz will answer questions about dating, sex and relationships. Being a place for people to ask questions on sex it was only a matter of time before questions on sexual fetishes started rolling in. As they did, Liz would give each and every fetish an honest no judgment answer. Word spread about The Naked Advice and she became the go to person to ask advice on fetishes. Liz believes in being sex positive and developing healthy boundaries and attitudes, and that women can embrace their sexuality while also being intelligent and educated. She has posed nude for art and professional modeling that fulfilled artistic endeavor for her. Woo Hoo NAKED TIME!!.....but I digress! Seriously, Liz LaPoint is more than an outstanding resource for advice she is a lot of fun with a great sense of humor and you’ll enjoy getting to know her in this awesome interview.
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