Special Guest Corey Walker, Managing Partner of Ncite Partners
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Special guest Corey Walker, Managing Partner of Ncite Partners (https://ncitepartners.com) shares his expertise in talent recruiting, corporate culture building, the value of retention vs. turnover, the value of diversity in employees and much more. Walker offers great advice for building a better business structure and red flags mistakes to avoid.
01:41 – About Ncite Partners
3:21 – What drew Walker to Talent Recruiting?
4:00 – Building Corporate Culture
5:58 – Working with 3rd party professional service providers
8:04 – Customized approach to recruiting
9:56 – The value of diversity in hiring
14:43 – Overcoming preconceived notations to improve processes
16:22 – Benefits of retaining employees vs. turn over churn
19:02 – Employees as brand evangelist
20:37 – Bradford Smart "Topgrading" strategy in talent acquisition
23:08 – Post-COVID changes in the C-suite 25:30 – Use of new technology in the hiring process
27:21 – Changes in hiring due to COVID-19
31:00 – Hiring family / friends
32:07 – HR red flags
36:39 – Favorite advice for hiring right
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