May 18, 2023
Data and Analytics at Goldman Sachs
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In this episode of CXOTalk, we host Neema Raphael, the Chief Data Officer at investment bank Goldman Sachs, who explores the importance of data strategy in the financial services industry.
Raphael explains Goldman Sachs' three-pronged approach to managing data: through platform development, content curation, and governance and quality control.
The conversation includes a discussion on the challenges and opportunities that come with handling complex, real-time data in a high-stakes environment such as financial services. He also highlights the firm's commitment to open-source platforms, notably its platform called "Legend," as a tool to promote data interoperability throughout the industry.
During the conversation, Raphael offers advice on developing a successful data strategy and discusses the role of cloud technology in modern data management.
The conversation includes these topics:
► Why data is important in financial services
► Goldman Sachs’ approach to managing data
► Challenges and opportunities of managing real-time data at scale
► Managing data complexity and the role of technology infrastructure
► Why Goldman Sachs open-sourced its data platform
► How Goldman Sachs assigns financial value to data
► Ensuring data quality at scale
► Importance of infrastructure, automation, and platform in managing data
► Implementing data policies and governance
► About Goldman Sachs’ data team
► Promoting data interoperability through open-source platforms
► The challenge of building an open-source community
► Balancing data governance and innovation: insights from the financial industry
► Advice from Goldman Sachs on building a successful data strategy
► The role of cloud computing in data strategy and its impact on business outcomes
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Neema Raphael is Chief Data Officer and Head of Data Engineering at Goldman Sachs. Previously, Neema was head of Research and Development Engineering, responsible for determining the firm's strategy for emerging technology such as digital assets and artificial intelligence. Prior to that, he led various engineering teams in Core Engineering and was a member of the Core Strats team within the Securities Division that built SecDb. Neema joined the firm in 2003 as an analyst in the Technology Division and was named managing director in 2013.
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