Dec 10, 2022
The Secret Life of Digital Transformation
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#digitaltransformation #socialmediatips
In this episode of CXOTalk the Chief Digital Evangelist of Salesforce, Vala Afshar, explains digital transformation strategy, trends, and advice for 2023. He also shares special advice for business leaders to be successful on social media, a topic Vala knows well since he has almost one million followers.

What are the secrets that make digital transformation initiatives succeed or fail? And how can we overcome the obstacles and challenges? Keep reading to find out!

The conversation includes these topics:

● Introduction to Vala Afshar
● Digital transformation strategy and examples for 2023
● Focus digital transformation on business rather than technology
● Trust and culture change are the foundations of digital transformation
● What are the obstacles to a successful business transformation strategy?
● What are digital transformation trends for 2023?
● How can we make digital transformation understandable to non-technical people?
● Vala Afshar’s advice on how to get followers on social media?

Read the complete transcript:

Vala Afshar is an author, US patent holding inventor, weekly columnist for ZDNET, weekly podcaster, keynote speaker and social media contributor. Vala has over 845,000 followers on Twitter, generating billions of impressions per year. He has written over 250 articles since 2020. His weekly podcast started in 2016 and is projected to have over 2M viewers this year. He has interviewed over 1,000 senior executives, company founders, bestselling authors and venture capitalists. Prior to joining Salesforce in 2015, Vala served as the chief marketing officer and chief customer officer in the technology sector. He was a Salesforce customer from 2003-20215. Vala is currently working on a new book that will be published by mid 2023.
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