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He goes over the California nighttime curfew, the grocery stores going back to rationing, and the possible contenders for Biden's Cabinet.
Quiggin Report
Quiggin Report
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EP #126 | Will Bitcoin Survive The Great Reset
Will Bitcoin survive if the folks who want a “Great Reset” get their way? Governments know that the control of money is the greatest form of soft power. How will this effect Bitcoin and emerging cryptocurrencies and digital assets If the Great Resetters are successful in rebuilding our societies in their own image and likeness. Will they tolerate financial instruments they cannot control? Sponsored By Battle Rhythm Beard Co.: CleanMyMac: NordVPN: Ledger Secure Crypto Hard Wallet: Website: Support via donation: [Patreon] Support with Bitcoin or Crypto Tom Quiggin books: Submission The Danger of Political Islam to Canada (with a warning to America): Lovers of Death: Seeing The Invisible: Help Support Operation Kill Switch: Audio Platforms Apple Podcasts: SoundCloud: Stitcher Radio: Google Play: Spotify Social Media Links Telegram & Chat: Parler: @QuigginReport Minds: Decisions Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
26 min
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