Sporting Dog Talk
Sporting Dog Talk
Nov 25, 2020
Episode 98: Sammy Livingston- Making The Right Choices When It Comes To Breeds & Breeders
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Hunting Dog Confidential
Hunting Dog Confidential
Northwoods Collective
Episode 18: Terriers
We wrap up our survey of hunting dogs with a look at working terriers. Terriers developed to fill a need where humans needed to get to game in a situation where we were ill-equipped to do so. Just like sight hounds were developed to be faster than us to catch running game, retrievers were developed to swim better than us to get game out of the water, and scenting dogs were developed with better noses than us to find otherwise-camouflaged game… terriers were developed to be able to locate and access game below ground in tunnels and dens. Hunt terriers were valuable members of a hunting party because they could get the fox or rabbit out of a hole. The foxhounds and hunters relied on the terrier whenever the game “went to ground” so that the hunt could continue on with the chase and pursuit. In order to pursue game underground, the terrier needs to have a small circumference, a huge amount of courage, and the tenacity to keep after the badger or fox to prevent it from digging deeper. This may involve nipping at the animal to keep its attention, or maneuvering around the animal in order to push it toward the burrow’s entrance. Either way, the terrier is adept at working in small, confined spaces with hostile game in its own den. Terriers also proved their worth as effective vermin control, especially with rats and other rodents around the farm. This eventually gave way to the blood sport known as rat pitting, where terriers were placed in a pit with a number of rats and bets were placed on how quickly they could kill all of the rats. This was a popular entertainment event in pubs and, while not exactly hunting, is evidence of the terrier’s hunting origins and sheer tenacity. We talk about a couple of popular working terrier breeds: the Jack Russell, the Fell Terrier, and the Jagdterrier, which was Germany’s versatile answer to the British terrier breeds. All of these dogs continue to enjoy strong working lines today. In wrapping up the survey of hunting dogs, we wrap up season one of the Hunting Dog Confidential Podcast. In season two, we will host some guest interviews and invite listener questions and input. Would you like to have your question featured on an upcoming episode? Record a voice memo of your question, include your name and location, and email it to us at . We look forward to hearing the voices of our listeners, answering your questions, and hearing your stories! We thank you for listening and look forward to launching season two shortly. Share | Comment, review and discuss this episode of the podcast in our Project Upland Community Facebook group. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to rate, review, subscribe, and share this podcast. Hunting Dog Confidential is presented by Eukanuba Premium Performance Dog Food and supported by Dakota 283.
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Big Game Hunting Podcast
Big Game Hunting Podcast
John McAdams
126: .458 Win Mag vs .458 Lott Comparison
Article Referenced In Show: .458 Lott vs .458 Lott: What You Know May Be Wrong – Blog article referenced in podcast Show Notes: Show Sponsor: Go to to learn everything you need to know in order to get started hunting with a muzzleloader, plus get EXCLUSIVE discounts on muzzleloader gear through What We Covered 1) History of the .458 Winchester Magnum and .458 Lott cartridges. 2) How the cartridges compare to each other in terms of external dimensions, trajectory, recoil, and accuracy. 3) Compare ammo and rifle choices in each cartridge. 4) Pros and cons of hunting with each cartridge. Show Sponsor If you’ve listened to all my podcast episodes on Africa and really paid attention to what Kevin, Phil, and I had to say, then you probably know WAY more about hunting in Africa than most other people. If you’re ready to take the plunge and go on the hunt of a lifetime in Africa, then get in touch with me and I’ll set you up with an outstanding hunt out in the bushveld for buffalo and/or plains game. These hunts are for serious hunters who want to experience wild Africa. These hunts are not for everybody and I actually have to turn away people who are interested in hunting with us each year because I don’t think they can hack it. But, if you’re a serious hunter looking for a true African hunting Adventure, check out Big Game Hunting Adventures (or visit and we’ll get you set up with that hunt you’ve always dreamed of. Mention that you heard about Big Game hunting Adventures through the Big Game Hunting Podcast for special pricing on all our hunts.
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The Canine Paradigm
The Canine Paradigm
Glenn Cooke & Pat Stuart
Episode 163: Purpose breeding puppies
Purpose breeding puppies is usually on the minds of owners, trainers, breeders. We wouldn't say that's always the case as there are so many people who did it without reason. Puppies and puppy breeding have come under a lot of scrutiny in the last 10 years. Namely as there are so many puppies that never makes it to adulthood. However, puppies do play an important part into preserving lineage of carefully planned breeding. You know we both support rescue, however we both still see relevance in ethical breeding. Further details If your looking for contact details, great dog trainers and supporters of The Canine Paradigm, look no further. Below is a vast array of people and business’s who stand by us, donate to our running costs and do great things for the canine community. Glenn runs and has almost everything canine related at, Canine Evolution or Pet Resorts Australia Pat has a full range of coaching and dog training services at Operant Canine If you wish to learn a little more about us, go here You can support our show and get extra content right here on our Patreon page. Everything goes into keeping the show running and we love all the wonderful people who are part of that community. If you’re not sure how, just ask us. You can get our full range of Merch at our Teespring store here You can also help us by spreading the word amongst the canine community or even suggesting a special guest to interview. If you need to find out how to listen to our podcast, go here We have a YOUTUBE channel that you can subscribe to now If you enjoyed the podcast, please review us on Itunes Details on joining the IACP can be found here. If you’re not in it you should be! Check out Dogs Playing for Life! A rescue process changing dogs lives across the USA For more details on how to help our friends at Peggy’s Promise, you can find all the details on how to do that on their website. They are our rescue charity of choice. Support our supporters Narelle Cooke’s raw feeding guide for dogs here. She also has her own podcast on all podcast directories called Natural Health for people and pets. Check it out. Birdy O’Sheedy can be found at Pause in life and at Paws in life Jason Firmin Einzweck Dog quip SHOW SPONSOR Patrick and Alisha Lockett from Haus Amberg Shepherds breeding high end puppies from German bloodlines SHOW SPONSOR K9 Dynamics online store for all our listeners in USA and Canada SHOW SPONSOR Melanie Benware at Kindred K9 Solutions SHOW SPONSOR Kathy Santo at Kathy Santo Dog Training SHOW SPONSOR Jasmine Whiting is at Prime Canine Alex Edwards Refine your CanineEmma Murdoch Walk with me Ottawa Find out more about GRC dog sports here
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