Sporting Dog Talk
Sporting Dog Talk
Oct 28, 2020
Episode 94: Jerry Kolter- Why In-Field Experience Is The Key To A Bird Dog's Development
Hunting Dog Confidential
Hunting Dog Confidential
Northwoods Collective
Episode 16: Scent Hounds, Running Hounds, and Badger Hounds
In this episode, we continue our journey through the hounds, moving into the well-known category of scent hounds. These dogs are characterized by their extraordinary ability to follow a scent trail, not only the fresh trail of a wounded animal, but also the “sweat trail” of an animal that may have passed through days earlier. Scent hounds have enjoyed a prominent place in pop culture, with references and well-known examples ranging from Disney cartoons to the iconic song, “Hound Dog.” We dig into the meaning of the epithet “hound” and why Elvis—and many others—found reason to sing about it. Scent hounds may be the great equalizer among the history of hunting dogs, because they were (and continue to be) used and loved by people across all economic and social classes. Working hounds run the gamut from fox hunts across wealthy estates in the English countryside to houndsmen and women running coonhounds in the southern United States. Whether the purpose is simply the thrill of the chase or to put meat on a table or pelts in the bag, the shared love for the dogs of the pursuit is universal. For a little word trivia, we look into the etymology of “cur” and what makes curs especially versatile dogs for working and hunting. We also discuss the Dachshund and what makes this little Swiss Army knife dog so incredibly difficult to categorize. Tune in to learn more about scent hounds and running hounds. As always, we thank you for listening and hope you’ll continue to reach out with your comments, questions, and ideas. We can be reached at Share | Comment, review and discuss this episode of the podcast in our Project Upland Community Facebook group. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to rate, review, subscribe, and share this podcast. Hunting Dog Confidential is presented by Eukanuba Premium Performance Dog Food and supported by Dakota 283.
1 hr 1 min
Warden's Watch
Warden's Watch
Wayne Saunders
048 Scott Fischer - Arizona Game and Fish
Scott Fischer is an Officer with Arizona Game and Fish and also the director of the department's Operation Game Thief program. Scott and Wayne discuss the qualification for becoming an Arizona warden, Arizona's outdoor opportunities for big game outdoors men and women, and a few operations that Scott has been on trying to stop illegal drug trafficking. They also discuss how important the community is to assisting with illegal poaching through Operation Game Thief. Our Sponsors: Thin Green Line Podcast Copper Pig Brewery Hunt of a Lifetime Maine's Operation Game Thief NH Wildlife Heritage International Wildlife Crime Stoppers * Arizona Command Structure * Law Enforcement Program Manager * Wildlife Managers 92 State Wide * Voluntary Reporting at the End of the Season * Location, Permits, Time Frame Compliance * Higher Education Requirement in AZ * Qualifications for Arizona Game and Fish * Education Component * Background History, Abuse * Dream to Be a Game Warden * Pool of Law Enforcement Dwindling * Loosening the Reins for Applicants * Scientific Method Biology * 600 Applicants Down to 120 Today * Minimum Standard Physical Regs * Operation Game Thief * Coos vs Coues * Dispatcher to Officer * 2000 Sq. Mile District to Cover * Cactus and Agriculture * Playing Dumb Cop * Sticking to Lies * Cal Fish and Game and Wildlife * Wildlife Canine Handler * The Detail, Treat it Like a Homicide * Big Elk, Lottery Program * Mountain Lion, Deer Archery Over the Counter * Bear Season * Elk Over the Counter - Low Success * Shorts and a T-Shirt Hunting * Desert Mule Deer * Illegal Border Activity * High Human Traffic High Human Traffic * Cowboy Type, Let's Go Get Him * I'm in Good Shape, But... * Drug Runners are In Better Shape * 12 Illegals and a Big Load of Dope * Moose Case on International Lines * State Dispatchers are Life Lines * Arizona is Diverse * We Need the Public Thru Operation Game Thief Find More Here: Website Apple Podcasts Spotify Facebook Twitter Instagram Stitcher Tunein Libsyn Google Play YouTube RSS
1 hr 9 min
The Canine Paradigm
The Canine Paradigm
Glenn Cooke & Pat Stuart
Episode 156: Birdy’s new flight path
Birdy's new flight path is a discussion and kind of an unveiling around Birdy's new business plan. As many listeners are aware, Birdy is a regular on our show and has been a great source of emotional support and knowledge. We have often stated that this industry needs someone to help us through the emotional hurdles. It just so happens that Birdy has been listening and is filling those needs Although Birdy's website is not up yet, here's the page to keep an eye on. Further details If your looking for contact details, great trainers and supporters of The Canine Paradigm, look no further. Below is a vast array of people and business’s who stand by us and donate to our running costs. Glenn runs and has almost everything canine related at, Canine Evolution or Pet Resorts Australia Pat has a full range of coaching and training services at Operant Canine If you wish to learn a little more about us, go here You can support our show and get extra content right here on our Patreon page. Everything goes into keeping the show running and we love all the wonderful people who are part of that community. If you’re not sure how, just ask us. You can get our full range of Merch at our Teespring store here You can also help us by spreading the word amongst the community or even suggesting a special guest to interview. If you need to find out how to listen to our show, go here We have a YOUTUBE channel that you can subscribe to now If you enjoyed the podcast, please review us on Itunes Details on joining the IACP can be found here. If you’re not in it you should be! Check out Dogs Playing for Life! A rescue process changing dogs lives across the USA For more details on how to help our friends at Peggy’s Promise, you can find all the details on how to do that on their website. They are our rescue charity of choice. Support our supporters Narelle Cooke’s raw feeding guide for pets here. She also has her own podcast show on all podcast directories called Natural Health for people and pets. Check it out. Birdy O’Sheedy can be found at Pause in life and at Paws in life Jason Firmin Einzweck Dog quip SHOW SPONSOR K9 Dynamics online store for all our listeners in USA and Canada SHOW SPONSOR Melanie Benware at Kindred K9 Solutions SHOW SPONSOR Kathy Santo at Kathy Santo Dog Training SHOW SPONSOR Jasmine Whiting is at Prime Canine Alex Edwards Refine your CanineEmma Murdoch Walk with me Ottawa Find out more about GRC dog sports here
1 hr 16 min
Hunt Harvest Health
Hunt Harvest Health
Ryan Lampers and Dr. Hillary Lampers
#128: Marriage, Men, and Loving Our Differences with Johnathan West
Today's podcast is with our friend Johnathan West from the Being Husband Podcast. To listen and learn more about Johnathan you can find him on IG. This is a good one! Watch and share the recent film about the New Zealand Tahr "A Difficult Treasure" We are challenging our community to donate as little as 5$ to help send children and their parents to A RaiseEm Outdoors Camp in 2021! Get 10% off your first order- StHealthy Nutrition CBD! To download your FREE StHealthy Dehydration and Canning Guide go here! Order your StHealthy Rifle Case NOW! Support our podcast and get 10% off a Burch Barrel! Use the code GRITTY at checkout! Made with Meat is our favorite food processing equipment! Check them out! 15% OFF Heather's Choice Backcountry Food - Visit our website at and then use the code STHEALTHY  15% OFF Off Grid Food Co Food - Visit and use code STHEALTHY for all breakfasts, snacks, and memberships 10% OFF Sheep Feet Orthotics - Visit and use code STHEALTHY10 10% OFF Lono Life Bone Broth - Visit and use code STHEALTHY10 To schedule with Dr. Hillary visit her Montana clinic, Elevate Health. Telemedicine is currently available for all WA and MT patients for FOC, other states we must see you in person for your first visit. After that much can be done with telemedicine.
2 hr 13 min
Controlled Aggression
Controlled Aggression
Jerry Bradshaw
William Garrido: Dog Training is My Passion!
In this episode, Jerry Bradshaw & William Garrido discuss: * William’s journey into dog training and his professional journey to head trainer at Starmark Academy. * The value in working with dogs of all types and temperaments. * Continuing learning while keeping your focus and system of training. * Understanding the unchanging fundamentals. Key Takeaways: * You can learn a lot about dogs and behavior by training pet dogs. Even if you work with working dogs, there is still more to learn from pet dogs. * There is value in learning training at a school with a specific, outlined curriculum led by professionals. * Dog training is not all glamour - there is a grind and dirty and challenging aspects to it. * Fundamentals are always going to be there, that's not going to change. The scientists have done the legwork for you, you just have to understand how that applies to dog training and to learning. "I see tremendous value in going to a place where there's a curriculum laid out for you, and professionals guiding you through that curriculum." — William Garrido Contact William Garrido: Website: Email: Youtube: Flickr: Facebook: Books: * Info Every Dog Trainer Should Know - * Common Myths About Dogs (Debunked): For Dog Owners and Trainers - Connect with Dog Training Is My Passion: Website: Show: Dog Training Is My Passion Podcast - Youtube: Instagram: Facebook: Reference: Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, MD, FICS - Get Jerry's book Controlled Aggression on Contact Jerry: Website: Tarheel Canine Training: Youtube: tarheelcanine Twitter: @tarheelcanine Instagram: @tarheelk9 Facebook: TarheelCanineTraining Protection Sports Website: Patreon: Slideshare: Tarheel Canine Sponsors: ALM K9 Equipment: PSA & American Schutzhund: Tarheel Canine: Train Hard, train smart, be safe. Show notes by Podcastologist Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it.
1 hr 11 min
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